I spent last weekend in Cincinnati visiting my best friend, and loyal BBs reader, Haley! Cincinnati has a booming craft beer scene, and we packed as much Cincy beer as we could into my short trip.
I arrived late on Friday night and we relaxed on Haley’s roof and enjoyed a couple cans of Rhinegeist Crash. Rhinegeist is probably Cincinnati’s most known craft brewery. The barely three-year-old operation has experienced enormous popularity and growth since opening in June 2013, and they just started expanding distribution to the East Coast. I really enjoyed the flavorful, easy drinking Crash pale ale. It has tropical hop notes, mild bitterness and a short, clean finish.
On Saturday morning we went to yoga at the newly renovated Central Parkway YMCA and browsed at The City Flea. Our first beer stop of the day was Taft’s Ale House, named for 27th President, William Howard Taft. Taft’s is housed in a renovated Evangelical church. The enormous three floor space has a bar on each floor, tons of seating, a private events space, and a full food menu. We grabbed flights on the top floor (in the balcony?) and took a seat to discuss the important issues of the day. 😉
Unfortunately they were out of Haley’s favorite beer: Snake in the Grass, a Belgian-style blonde brewed with lemongrass and local basil. I thought all the beers I tried were solid. My favorite was the Nellie’s Key Lime Caribbean Ale, described by Haley’s husband Andrew as “the craft version of a Bud Light Lime.”  It’s a wheat beer brewed with key lime juice and coriander. So refreshing!
From Taft’s we walked to Rhinegeist, just half a mile up Elm Street. Rhinegeist was having their annual mini Oktoberfest inside, but we went straight to the rooftop bar–Haley and Andrew’s favorite in the city. Rhinegeist has a huge selection of beers and ciders on tap. I wish I could report on the rosé cider, but I only had eyes for beer! Andrew recommend Rhinegeist’s flagship IPA, Truth, the brewery’s most solid offering in his opinion. I wasn’t disappointed! Truth is packed with West Coast hops and effortlessly masks the 7.2% ABV. I also enjoyed Haley’s choice,  Chester, a dry saison brewed with sour cherries.
img_4788 img_4795 img_4846
The people-watching on the Rhinegeist roof is highly entertaining, but we finally tore ourselves away from lederhosen, bachelorettes, and dress-wearing runners to take in the view. Andrew and Haley pointed out all the old buildings being converted to swanky new apartment buildings and businesses. Like Bushwick, the landscape of Cincinnati is constantly changing, and understandably it hasn’t been without controversy.
From Rhinegeist we took Cincy’s new street car back to the apartment for a little r&r. Haley and I made this delicious, extra crunchy, pistachio guacamole, and we had more skyline time on their balcony. The coolest sight on the balcony might be the outhouse Andrew built for their dog, Zoe! Do you recognize the material on the roof?? It’s covered in different varieties of Rhinegeist beer cans! Such a great idea. Reduce, reuse, rep great beer. 🙂
The main event on Saturday evening was a trip to the Cincinnati Oktoberfest, the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. We hopped back on the street car for a quick one mile trip downtown and emerged in a different world.
Although over half a million people turned out for “Oktoberfest Zinzinnati,” it wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded. We easily grabbed beers and found seats next to an Oom-pah band. Andrew got in touch with his German heritage, grooving along to the music, and even convinced Haley to get up and do the chicken dance with him (am I the only one who didn’t know it’s an Oktoberfest song??)
  img_4842 img_4840
Deciding that a lap was in order, we moseyed over to another band with a less traditional set list. An Oom-pah take on oldies and classic rock? You know we were into it. Another round of beers and we found ourselves in a Congo line sandwiched between a gaggle of very enthusiastic International students from the University of Cincinnati and a group of friendly middle-aged Midwesterners. It was one of those moments when you think, “How exactly did I get here?” but decide not to care because you’re having so much fun.
We ended the evening on the swings at the Smale Riverfront Park, recapping the day and gazing out at the John Roebling Suspension Bridge. The bridge spans the Ohio river between Cincinnati and Covington, Kentucky, and was built 30 years before Roebling started an even bigger project– the Brooklyn Bridge! When worlds collide, it’s a beautiful thing.
img_4848 img_4849 img_4850
Thank you, Haley and Andrew, for showing me such a good time in Cincinnati! I’m already thinking about my next trip. If you’re a craft beer lover, this growing city needs to be at the top of your vacation wish list!

Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival

I can honestly say that the Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival was the least crowded, most relaxing beer festival I’ve ever been to. We never had to wait in line for beer, there was plenty of room to stand and hang out, and it was after five before breweries started running out of beer. Plus, all the pours were extremely generous, which never hurts. 😉



After a solid breakfast (We used the stove! We boiled water! We scrambled eggs!), Allison and I got to the festival at around one. It’s held in Carroll Gardens right next to the Carroll Street Bridge, a tiny bridge over the Gowanus Canal. It was an absolutely perfect early fall day: sunny and warm with a slight breeze coming from the water.


Once inside we basically just bopped around to whichever brewery struck our fancy. It was sooo nice not having to strategically plan our route based on lines. The standout of the day for both of us was Ferrari Beer from Staten Island. We tried the Sour Red Ferrari several times, a medium-bodied, mildly tart brew with a hint of cherry. He also had a very limited amount of his delicious smoked beer, Smoky Hollow, which is a great style for fall. The other sour at the festival was Lithology Brewing’s Ugly Mug, a rye gruit. It was so refreshing–tangy, even lighter bodied than the Ferrari, and with a spritzy carbonation and hint of funk.


It was awesome talking to brewers that I have a relationship with through Hops and Hocks, and even though I’ve had their beer many times, I couldn’t resist sampling! Third Rail’s Field 2 is one of my favorite NY farmhouse ales; I can’t wait until it’s available in cans again. Allison particularly enjoyed Radiant Pig’s Eastside Rapture, a hoppy wheat that I’ve blogged about before.



Our favorite IPAs of the day were by Flagship and Other Half.  The Flagship IPA is balanced and juicy with a light to medium body and citrusy hops. It’s the kind of beer that I could drink all day long, so obviously we returned to Flagship a couple of times. 😉 Other Half’s Hop Showers has tropical hop flavors and a distinct funk. They recently released this one in super cool cans.


We broke for lunch at 3:30 and enjoyed massive sandwiches from Big D’s food truck. I know I sound like a broken record here, but there was absolutely no line for food, and it was super easy to find a spot to sit and eat. I went with their vegan grinder (be proud, Riles!) and Allison enjoyed the spicy chicken.


After lunch we continued to plug away at our lists. I finally tried Gun Hill Brewing’s infamous Void of Light, which won gold in the foreign-style stout category at GABF last year. They also poured the Catskill Hop Harvest, a sessionable English pale ale with mild, earthy hops.


At five a couple of breweries started to pack up, but at this point we were losing steam. We made one more stop at Ferrari for a final taste of sour red, and then left to have a photo shoot on the bridge.




Back home we went to our favorite spot these days, the fire escape, and snapchatted crazy pictures of ourselves talked about our favorite brews of the festival. Mexican takeout and a couple hours of Entourage capped off one of the most pleasant days I’ve had since moving to New York. Cheers to Friday, New York beer, and good memories.

Extra, Extra

Oh hey guys. It’s us again, posting twice in one week! Can you believe it?? It’s like the old days, before work took over both of our lives. Read on for interesting and exciting news from the beer world!

Solidifying its position as Maddy and Mac’s favorite date spot, some Taco Bell locations will now serve beer, wine, and twisted freezes. Yo quiero Taco Bell…


Anheuser-Busch InBev wants to buy London-based SABMiller, maker of Miller, Fosters, and Peroni. AB InBev sales are no longer growing much in the US, so buying SABMiller would give the company more exposure to the parts of the developing world where their brands are selling. The deal is obviously raising anti-trust concerns, because the company would then control about four-fifths of the U.S. beer market.

Pennsylvania’s Duquesne Brewing has created a new Paterno Legacy Series beer to honor the memory of Penn State’s former head football coach, Joe Paterno. Proceeds from the reasonably priced ($22/case) Vienna-style lager will go to a yet unnamed charity. Hmm.

Owners of five major Boston bars allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars from beer distributor Craft Beer Guild LLC to stock its craft brews and exclude competitors. Maddy recently heard from a specialty rep that used to live in Boston that this practice is well known and pervasive.

If you live in Seattle, you can now order beer, wine, and spirits through Amazon Prime.  One hour delivery means that you can do last minute party prep while waiting for the booze to arrive at your door. Amazon says that if the service is successful in Seattle, it will expand to other locations.

As soon as we have a working oven, I’m making Pumpkin Beer Bread French Toast. WE HAVE A WORKING OVEN; no excuses.

Brooklyn-ites! Three Brooklyn bars are holding a Sour Beer Fest for the whole month of September. Mission Dolores, The Owl Farm, and Great Bar Harry are offering a range of sour beers this month, and then each bar has a ten day slot where they dedicate six of their draft lines to different sour styles. The Owl Farm’s slot finishes up this weekend, so if anyone’s looking for Ed, you know where to find him…

It’s not too late to buy your ticket to the Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival on Sunday! Fifteen local breweries will pour samples alongside food vendors and performers. Plus, Allison and I will be there, which is really all the entertainment you need. For evidence, see pictures below.

11038574_10152957463313473_6420634991313435115_n IMG_3195 IMG_3201

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.


BBs do Brewdo

On Saturday we went to Blacksburg’s annual beer fest, Brewdo. This was Brewdo’s sixth year, and in addition to having beer from 40+ breweries, the festival also featured cider, Attimo wine, live music, and home brewing and cooking demonstrations. We have a few criticisms of Brewdo. Once the majority of festival goers had arrived at around 1, the venue felt crowded, and the lines for beer and food were loooooong. Worse still, many breweries ran out of beer and packed up their tents by 3, with half of the festival remaining! I bought a 20 pour bracelet and left having used only 13. Despite these drawbacks, we still managed to have a good time. 😉

IMG_3733Beer connoisseur, fashionista, florist. Anything this girl can’t do?

Parkway had the prettiest tent by far. Trust me, it’s not like I’m biased…

My favorite tap handle yet!

What’s better than pumpkin pie? Hardywood’s Farmhouse Pumpkin

IMG_3760 When it comes to beer drinking, I’d say we learned from the best

IMG_3753 Saucony Creek Maple Mistress, made with roasted butternut squash and natural maple syrup. Not kidding. And yes, it is amazing.

Beer festivals are the best setting for tipsy heart-to-hearts with lifelong friends

Parkway Brewing, bringing people together since 2013

New Belgium’s Hop the Pond is made with hops from England, Australia and the United States!

Look at this cool dude.

The Meter’s Running was like a miniature No BS! We approve.

Different beer fest, same beautiful companions

It got even more crowded as the day went on..

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon never gets old

Mom liked the mistress too

We weren’t able to try every beer (or even the majority!), but of those we had, here are some standouts:

Best pumpkin: Hardywood Farmhouse Pumpkin
Runner up: Foothills Cottonwood Pumpkin
Best IPA: New Belgium Hop the Pond
Runner up: Schlafly Tasmanian IPA
Best beer of the day: Saucony Creek Maple Mistress
Runner up: In our eyes nothing even came close…

We ended our night at Blacksburg’s new Mellow Mushroom! Free pizza, more delicious brews, and a perfect view of the Blacksburg sunset from their huuuge patio. Can’t beat it.

That’s a wrap!

Denver: Day 1

Greetings, earthlings! I was lucky enough to score a pass to The Great American Beer Festival (Parkway is amazing), which is why I’m writing you all FROM DENVER!! Yesterday was a whirlwind of airport and plane annoyance, but the promise of beer(s) kept me strong through it all! Here are the highlights of the day!

First plane ride ever!


In the clouds, just the way I like it


Honkers Ale at the Goose Island outpost…IN THE AIRPORT


Matilda in the airport becuase…#treatyoself


Flying into Denver! You can kinda see the mountains..hehe

Loose leaf

 Odell Brewery’s Loose Leaf American Session, at Biker Jim’s, a gourmet hot dog restaurant. Dad, you MUST try this place!
I was a little disappointed by this beer, not much flavor or hop presence.

crooked stave board

Up next: Crooked Stave, a brewery that specializes in sour beers

Wild Colorado
Colorado Wild Sage: Mildly sour with a slight sage aftertaste, a solid brew


Apricot Petit Sour: Tart initial flavor and a sweet aftertaste
BALLIN’ SOUR…I want one right now…it’s 8:30 am…get over it

batch 100

Batch 100: Sour brewed with kumquats and dry hopped with centennial hops.
Sour, earthy goodness

My favorite beer of the night, and ironically the only beer I don’t have a picture of, was Oskar Blues’ Coconut Porter. The coconut was JUST perfect in this yummy brew.

That’s it for now, peeps!  Talk to you soon!


Virginia Craft Brewers Fest


Last weekend we had the privilege of attending the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest at Devil’s Backbone in Nelson County. All of the 50+ breweries that attended the festival are located in Virginia. It’s crazy how many we haven’t visited/didn’t even know about!


Maddy worked the festival for Parkway, and she asked if Allison and I could tag along and pour beer too, which meant we all got in for free. 😉 We had an amazing time moseying around the grounds of Devil’s Backbone, talking to talented Virginia brewers and trying delicious beers, but most of the fun occurred while working at the Parkway tent! Tasters were super complimentary of the two brews that Parkway served: the Get Bent Mountain IPA and a barrel-aged version of their Magella. The latter, a Belgian strong dark ale aged in Jack Daniels and Catoctin Creek barrels, was particularly crowd-pleasing. Many festivalgoers claimed it was the “best beer of the day,” and came back to try it again and again.


Parkway’s selections were definitely some of the best, but we had phenomenal beers outside of our tent too. Two of my favorites were the Capitol City Sommer Hefeweizen and Lickinghole Creek’s rosemary saison. Maddy particularly enjoyed O’Connor’s S-Turns, a  honey saison, and Strangeways’ bourbon bock. We all agreed that Hardywood Park’s Gingerbread Stout stole the show though. It’s the perfect balance of creamy, milk stout and just the right amount of gingerbread flavor. We can’t wait to buy a few bottles during the holiday season.


At 5 o’clock as the festival began to wind down, awards were given out for the highest-ranking beer in each style category. Out of 222 beers entered, Parkway’s Raven’s Roost was named the best porter in Virginia, and their Bridge Builder, the second best blonde.

At the brewmaster request, Maddy wore the medals when we went out on the town that night, and we were SO EXCITED to find Raven’s Roost on tap at the Whiskey Jar! There’s nothing like drinking your brewery’s award-winning beer while wearing the medal it earned earlier that day!



Last weekend we attended our second beer festival of the season, Big Lick Beertopia in Salem! Our parents, who are also well-versed in the art of beer drinking, (perhaps you remember them from these posts?) joined us. The pours were much larger than those at Rocktown, and we all ended up a bit sloshed. 😉 1/3 of a pint glass counted as one pour, and we bought two 20 pour tickets and two 10 pour tickets to split between the four of us. That’s a lot of beer, folks! Luckily, our sister Riley graciously agreed to be our DD. Some of our favorite beers of the day were the Hoppocalypse Imperial Red Ale by Apocalypse Ale Works, the Double D Double IPA by Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company, the Southern Tier Eurotrash Pilz, and the Woodchuck Summer Cider. Okay, okay, the Sumer Cider was one of Mom and Rachel’s favorites. Here are a few scenes from our splendid day!

First up, Stone’s Belgian IPA! Mom started with a Starr Hill Love.IMG_2427Either the Blue Mountain Lager or the Sunken City Dam Lager….IMG_2441Nothing compliments an engagement ring like a Blonde Hunny!IMG_2443We decided to get Blonde Hunnies of our own.IMG_2491
The Hop Work Orange? The Sierra Nevada Torpedo? IMG_2493


Blue Ridge Blue and Brew

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to score a free ticket(Thanks Parkway!) to a beer festival out at Mountain Lake. While it was mostly pouring rain the entire time (hey, short beer lines), I still had so much fun! There were 8 local breweries in attendance, which gave me the chance to try a few things I wasn’t that familiar with and some old favorites,too. My picks of the day were:

The honey wheat ale from Jefferson Brewery, my second pour of the day and a very tasty treat (they even brought orange wedges).


A new saison from Alewerks, which in my opinion was more like a blonde ale than a saison, but it was still extremely refreshing. Call it whatever you want Alewerks, you know I’m still gonna drink it!


And lastly, Hoptimization from Three Brothers. Now, I’ve had this hoppy brew in the bottle before and was unimpressed, but on tap, the Hoptimization is gorgeous. The hops are there beer babes, and they are earthy and hella delicious! If you find this beer on tap..TRY IT.


Are you thirsty yet?


American Craft Beer Week

Did you know that we’re in the midst of an important national holiday?? American Craft Beer Week runs from May 12th-18th, which means we have an excuse a duty to drink more beer this week! There are festivals and events happening throughout the country, so make sure to look into what’s going on in your neck of the woods. I’m hoping to make it to a couple of events at Three Notch’d this week; they have quite an impressive lineup in honor of ACBW. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the delicious brews I had at the sweetlife festival this weekend! It’s official, Flying Dog never disappoints.

photo 1-5The Sweetlife Pale Wheat Ale- light, citrusy, and refreshing, but surprisingly hoppy too!

photo 2-4
The Bloodline Blood Orange Ale- I liked this one even more. It’s brewed with blood orange peel and juice.

photo 4-2The Snake Dog IPA- I still prefer the Raging Bitch, but at least I got my IPA fix. I enjoyed this baby while watching Bastille!

Tell us, how do you plan to celebrate American Craft Beer Week?


It seems that spring has arrived at last, which means a whole new crop of  fun outdoor activities! We kicked off festival season with the Rocktown Beer and Music Festival in downtown Harrisonburg last weekend.


Rocktown featured three fun bands, local food vendors, and beer from 30 breweries! The weather was a little chilly, but we quickly forgot once the beer started flowin.’

photo 4

The $35 ticket included a tasting glass-sized beer mug, ten 4 oz pours, and (we thought) the ability to sample any of the 65+ craft beers. After the first two stalls acted weird about tasting the beers before committing to a full pour, we stopped asking to sample. Most of us ordered the Jade IPA from Foothills Brewing Company (Winston-Salem, NC) for our first pour. The Jade is unlike any IPA we’ve ever tried, and honestly, it’s hard to describe. The tropical hops are so present that this beer goes right to edge of being too pungent. Where it stops, however, results in perfection. FIND THIS BEER AND TRY IT; our description cannot do it justice.

photo 5

Our next stand-out pour came from Blue Mountain (Afton, VA). A Hopwork Orange was a brew that we Barley Babes had never heard of, and what a pleasant surprise it was. Usually the citrus presence in IPAs is more grapefruity, which can lead to pretty bitter beers (although we still love them). However, the sweetness of the orange perfectly balanced the hops, making this beer easy drankin’. If orange IPAs are a new trend, the babes FULLY support it!

photo 3

We had a one-track mind for IPAs at Rocktown, which is why we had to try Heavy Seas’ (Baltimore, MD) Riptide White IPA. This is a stellar IPA, y’all. It has the malt body of a Belgian-style wit, but is hopped like an IPA. A creamy, smooth, mouth feel, a big citrus nose, and the perfect balance of hops and wheat…you can’t beat it.


Our final noteworthy find was the Bear Republic (Healdsburg, CA) Apex. Fans of the Racer 5 IPA will be happy to know that the Apex, Bear Republic’s “Special” (aka Double/Imperial) IPA is even more flavorful and delicious. Its full body, perfectly balanced hop-malt ratio, and hint of booziness left us DIPA lovers wanting a full pint of this baby.


This was our first true beer festival experience and we had a spectacular afternoon. However, a journalistic commitment to truth-telling requires us to report a few complaints. As previously mentioned, the Rocktown website said that the ticket price included the ability to sample of any of the beers at the festival, which turned out to be a false promise. We enjoyed each beer we chose, but there were so many more that we wanted to at least try. After finishing your ten pours there was the option to buy four more for $5, but this brings us to our second complaint: At 5, halfway through the festival, many of the breweries had already run out of one of their beers! We hadn’t even finished our first ten at this point because we were really taking our time to savor and discuss each one. (We also might have been briefly sidetracked by application of temporary tattoos, but that’s beside the point.) It’s understandable to run out of beer when the festival is winding down at 7-7:30, but not with three more hours to go!!


Whew–glad to get the griping out of the way. Tipsy and happy, we closed out the festival getting down to the groovy tunes of the Kelly Bell Band. These guys were almost as good as the beer! Almost.