Wet Hops

Kat brought back three crowlers of fresh Woodstock Brewhouse beer from her visit home last weekend. On Tuesday we opened North Mountain, a 7%, 100+ IBU wet hop pale ale. North Mountain is full bodied and bitter with a sweet malt finish. It smells amazing–so much fresh pine I felt like I was out shopping for a Christmas tree.

We might have covered wet hops in passing, but I don’t think we’ve ever devoted a whole post to defining this term. Wet hops are hops that are fresh off the bine, have not been dried or processed, and are typically used within 24 hours of harvesting. They aren’t physically wet, just full of moisture!  Wet hopped beers showcase green flavors (think grass and pine). They are bright and juicy, yet soft and mellow because wet hops aren’t as concentrated as dried varieties.

A beer-themed Halloween card from the more talented Barley Babe

Tune in next time for a post from the coast that started the hop craze! I’m flying out this evening to spend a long weekend in Huntington Beach with Nikki and Paul. Something tells me we’re bound to get into a little beer while I’m there…


p.s. Did you read our other posts on Woodstock Brewhouse? I’m continually impressed by how well-executed and delicious all of their beers are.


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