Silly Cybies

I often feel that when I’m doing a beer tasting or enjoying a meal with several courses, the very first thing I try ends up being my favorite. That was definitely the case with the beers I put aside to share with Maddy last week. Moments after walking in from the airport we split Crooked Stave Silly Cybies, a Belgian-style dark ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries. I knew that this one-case-per-account, embarrassingly expensive, limited release was going to be good, but it exceeded my expectations.


Silly Cybies pours deep cranberry with a tiny pink head, and has an oaky/berry nose. It isn’t heavy, but the body is full and velvety, much like red wine. Although we knew that it was pretty high ABV (9%), we were surprised by how little alcohol we detected. The dominant flavor is tart, juicy raspberry, followed by wood and red wine vinegar. We could have had an entire bottle to ourselves! We could have had two bottles each! We could have split a 6-pack (if it came in 6-packs), but we would have been smashed, so thank goodness I only had one! Silly Cybies sprinted to the top of our “What are you loving now?” list. So glad I saved it to share with my BB.

Tell us–what are you loving these days?  What’s your go-to brew for spring?



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