Barley Babe Reunion

I’m writing to you from the J train, on my way to pick Maddy up from the airport! She’s visiting Brooklyn for a whole week, and I sprang out of bed this morning like a kid on Christmas. I’ve been stockpiling special beers since Maddy booked her flight a couple months ago. My tiny book shelf is now home to the biggest collection of beers I’ve ever had! This hoard of liquid treasures includes the two latest Grimm sours, some tasting-room-only releases from local breweries, a collab between Maine and the Bruery, and a can from the infamous Tree House!   We’re also planning to hit up some local breweries while Mad is in town. Finback and LIC Beer Project are at the top of my list because I think she’ll enjoy their menus the most, but I’m sure we’ll have time for a couple more. Can’t wait to be reunited with my Barley Babe!!! We’ll try to deliver at least one co-post while she’s in town. After all, it can’t be all play and no work..



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