Brew News

We haven’t given an update on what’s happening in the beer world in quite a while! If you’re feeling out of the loop, never fear! Here it is:

My fellow Chitwoods, you’ll be happy to hear that Charleston made the list of six beer destinations for 2016! Looks like we’ll be hitting some spots other than Westbrook during our vacay this summer.

Just six months ’til more fun times in Folly!

This Drunk Pasta Carbonara looks incredible, and could easily be made without meat. Make sure you read the article, too. “Cooking with wine is a long respected practice and beer is just starting to enter into the scene in a legitimate way…We won’t stop drinking wine, we don’t need to. There is space at the table for well made beverages of all sorts, we’re just looking to join the party on an equal footing, and we’re getting there.”

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, and of course there’s a list of beer pairings for each cookie. Oh Internet, I love you so. Caramel de-Lites + Oskar Blues Death By Coconut? Heaven.


Haley and Andrew’s favorite Cincinnati brewery had an enormously successful 2015. Two-year-old Rhinegeist is expanding throughout the Northeast, starting with their cider line, Cidergeist. Rhinegeist has locked down a distributor in Massachusetts, and they’re in the process of interviewing wholesalers in NY!!

Man Blames Beer-Battered Fish in 10th OWI. The most ridiculous thing about this story is that he still has a license after nine operating-while-intoxicated charges..

Can’t say that I watched the Super Bowl long enough to catch Peyton Manning’s “I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser” comments. However, he should be ashamed that his team is based in one of the best areas for craft beer in the country, and he still chooses Bud. “Maybe he doesn’t know!” you protest. Well, the Brewer’s Association sent him a delicious package of instructional materials.

Speaking of the Super Bowl…on principle I really tried not to laugh at this ad.


We have some exciting guest posts coming up next week! My friends Emily and Rich visited Crozet’s brand new Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery last weekend and sent an impressive write up. We’re also excited for my dad to share scenes from his trip to the Bahamian Brewery. Have a great Thursday! Another weekend is almost upon us.



One thought on “Brew News

  1. Great post! Evan Graham was in the paper today for the new Lefties brewery. Y’all are going to have to come home so we can go there.

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