“My Milkshake Brings…”

Remember Food Pairing Friday? That was a cool thang we used to do. I’m not writing about a food pairing today, but a food-themed beer that’s been all the buzz in Bushwick these past two weeks.


I put Tired Hands/Omnipollo’s Milkshake in January’s H&H Beer of the Month Club package, and immediately started getting requests that I find more. This extra special IPA was brewed with oats and lactose sugar and fermented atop strawberries and vanilla beans. To further enhance the milkshake-like body, 50 pounds of local apples, which are high in the gelling agent pectin, were also added to the boil. Finally, the beer was hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops to provide tropical fruit flavor and aroma. Yeah, it’s pretty great…


What I like most about this beer is the slightly tart finish, which is rare in an IPA unless it’s specifically supposed to be sour. It’s ridiculously complex. Sweet, tropical hop flavor is followed by strong strawberry, notes of vanilla, a little bit of funk, and then the beer closes with a lactic tartness that makes you forget you’re drinking an IPA! I didn’t find it as full-bodied as the name “Milkshake” would suggest; I definitely noticed the creaminess they were trying achieve with the fruit, but it certainly isn’t heavy or syrupy. Tired Hands has released blackberry, peach, pineapple, and guava varieties in their Brew Cafe, which means another Philadelphia beercation is on the spring agenda.

Happy Friday! Have you guys had any spectacular beers lately that we should know about? Been to any cool breweries? Great beer bars? Give us the dirt!



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