It feels weird for me to be writing about beer when I’m on a 5-day no beer, no dairy, no sugar, no gluten, no happiness cleanse, but I wanted to give you some scenes from Maui Brewing Company! My lovely roommate Kat is in Hawaii with her family for two weeks, and I strongly recommended that they check Maui out. Her family owns Virginia’s brand new Woodstock Brewhouse, so I knew they’d be up for the assignment.

Maui’s brand new tasting room in Kihei
Solar panels! Maui is taking steps toward 100 percent energy independence.


Very intrigued by the “Adopted Arrogant Bastard.”
Love the muffin tin flights!


The winner of the visit was Maui’s Father Damien, a 8.5% Belgian Strong that’s only available on draft in limited locations. Note Kat’s excellent beer photography skills! She’s a natural.

Here are some other shots from the Roulston family vacay to get you through this frigid Tuesday. I guess those 60 degree winter days couldn’t last forever…




What a view 😉

Thanks for sharing, little Kitty! NY misses you, but we’d much rather be at Maui Brewing knocking back a few cold pints with the Roulstons.


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