Beer #2

The second beer this month is from a favorite brewery of mine and Maddy’s. I incorporate Chicago-based Off Color Brewing’s eye-catching, delicious brews in BOTM whenever I can. This month’s selection, Le Predateur, is a farmhouse ale made with French malts, French saison yeast, and Australian hops. Those of you familiar with Off Color’s other offerings will recognize this seasonal release as a spin on Apex Predator, their year round Belgian-style Saison. I love how they just tweaked the illustration of the Apex, giving the lion a beret, baguette, and mustache to make him look French. You can’t deny the cuteness!
Le Predateur pours hazy golden with a bubbly, medium-thick, white head. The bready, citrusy nose is followed by malt sweetness, spicy/herbal notes, and a lemon peel hop finish. This one pairs perfectly with a range of fall flavors. I recommend enjoying alongside root vegetables, poultry (if you’re into that 😉 ), or a cranberry-centric dessert.
It seems inappropriate to talk about this beer without mentioning what’s going on in France right now. Friday’s events were heartbreaking, and the people of Paris continue to be in our thoughts. The world can be a scary, sad, and unfair place. Let us take this opportunity to say we love all of you, and we’re glad you’re in our lives.

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