Extra, Extra

Oh hey guys. It’s us again, posting twice in one week! Can you believe it?? It’s like the old days, before work took over both of our lives. Read on for interesting and exciting news from the beer world!

Solidifying its position as Maddy and Mac’s favorite date spot, some Taco Bell locations will now serve beer, wine, and twisted freezes. Yo quiero Taco Bell…


Anheuser-Busch InBev wants to buy London-based SABMiller, maker of Miller, Fosters, and Peroni. AB InBev sales are no longer growing much in the US, so buying SABMiller would give the company more exposure to the parts of the developing world where their brands are selling. The deal is obviously raising anti-trust concerns, because the company would then control about four-fifths of the U.S. beer market.

Pennsylvania’s Duquesne Brewing has created a new Paterno Legacy Series beer to honor the memory of Penn State’s former head football coach, Joe Paterno. Proceeds from the reasonably priced ($22/case) Vienna-style lager will go to a yet unnamed charity. Hmm.

Owners of five major Boston bars allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars from beer distributor Craft Beer Guild LLC to stock its craft brews and exclude competitors. Maddy recently heard from a specialty rep that used to live in Boston that this practice is well known and pervasive.

If you live in Seattle, you can now order beer, wine, and spirits through Amazon Prime.  One hour delivery means that you can do last minute party prep while waiting for the booze to arrive at your door. Amazon says that if the service is successful in Seattle, it will expand to other locations.

As soon as we have a working oven, I’m making Pumpkin Beer Bread French Toast. WE HAVE A WORKING OVEN; no excuses.

Brooklyn-ites! Three Brooklyn bars are holding a Sour Beer Fest for the whole month of September. Mission Dolores, The Owl Farm, and Great Bar Harry are offering a range of sour beers this month, and then each bar has a ten day slot where they dedicate six of their draft lines to different sour styles. The Owl Farm’s slot finishes up this weekend, so if anyone’s looking for Ed, you know where to find him…

It’s not too late to buy your ticket to the Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival on Sunday! Fifteen local breweries will pour samples alongside food vendors and performers. Plus, Allison and I will be there, which is really all the entertainment you need. For evidence, see pictures below.

11038574_10152957463313473_6420634991313435115_n IMG_3195 IMG_3201

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.



4 thoughts on “Extra, Extra

    • It was so much fun! Wish you had been there too. We realized that we were at Top of the Hops on the exact same day the year before! Remember how you won the Cville celeb sighting contest?? xo

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