Friday Food Pairing: Sour Monkey + Gnocchi

Greetings! Do you remember me? Maddy? Ring any bells? I’m the lazy brown-headed barley babe for those of you still scratching your heads! Enough about me, though; let’s get to the reason we’re all here!

Victory’s Sour Monkey + Gnocchi in Tomato Basil Sauce

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We based our meal around Smitten Kitchen’s Gnocchi recipe, in which the gnocchi is served in tomato broth instead of sauce. Basically, we got to the portion of the recipe that said to strain out all the veggies from the liquid and thought “What! No! They look so tasty in there!” So we used an immersion blender and created a chunky, marinara-like tomato basil sauce.

veggies Broth

As for the making of the actual gnocchi, it was way easier than imagined! You bake a couple potatoes until they’re tender, remove the skin, use a cheese grater to shred the potatoes, add some flour and an egg, and BOOM you have some tasty ass potato dough. From there, we just shaped the dough and cut it into small, bite sized pieces.



Gnocchi cooks for about 3 minutes in boiling water, so this is honestly a pretty fast recipe besides the baking of the potatoes. But you can use that time to shower or something, you filthy animals 😉


We decided to pair Victory’s Sour Monkey with this dish for a couple reasons

1) Mac and I both love the base beer, Golden Monkey

2) I hoped the fresh basil in the sauce and garnish would pair well with the beer’s tart/crisp flavors

3) We wanted this to be a light dinner, so a light beer was the logical choice

bowla shit

The Sour Monkey did NOT disappoint. We sipped the deliciously sour, sharply fruity beer with dinner and thought, “damn, this is good.” Then we took a look at the bottle…9.5%…and thought, “DAMN, THIS IS REALLY GOOD.” As previously mentioned, I love the Golden Monkey, but it tends to have a heavy spice/clove profile, which makes me drink it slower and in lesser quantities. Sour Monkey, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of that heaviness. Its flavors are bright, somewhat lemony, and JUST sour enough. We both loved this scary drinkable wild ale with our dish. The light basil flavor went well with the tangy beer, almost adding a little sweetness.


I highly recommend the gnocchi recipe and the Sour Monkey to all of you! I think the next batch of gnocchi we make I want to incorporate herbs into the dough. I was thinking basil gnocchi obviously, but rosemary gnocchi or sage gnocchi could be next. I’ll catch you bitty babies later! Hopefully not months from now….

Dreaming of Potato Dough,




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