Friday Food Pairing: IPA+Peanuts

This post isn’t really about a food pairing, but a beer-infused food! Monday was my birthday, and my best friend Nikki and her husband Paul sent me IPA peanut brittle all the way from Napa Valley. IPAs and anything peanut are two of my main food groups. In college I used to eat a PB&J (sometimes two) every single day! Nikki probably thought I was a total freak, but at least she’ll always know what kind of dessert to get me…


939 Brittle is made with Spanish Red Skin Peanuts, micro-brewed IPA, and a sprinkle of salt. It’s fresh, crunchy, and the perfect mix of salty and sweet. There are whole peanuts in every bite, and just a hint of beer hoppiness emerges at the end. The package touts that every bag is handmade slowly in small batches. I know that every company says this about every product, but this brittle really does taste fresh. You know how some brittles almost break your teeth when you bite into them? Not this. It has just the right amount of crunch.

Look at that peanutty goodness...
Look at that salty, peanutty goodness…

Thank you so much Nikki and Paul (and Neo)! I’m only allowing myself once piece of brittle a day because I want to savor the deliciousness as long as possible. As usual, you knew just what to get me.

Happy Friday, beer lovers!


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