Tipsy Squirrel, Tipsy Roommates

Hey peeps! Long time no talk. Instead of making more false promises, I’ll just leave it at that. Things have been eventful in my world and beer world lately! I just moved into a new apartment, and my roommate’s dad recently opened a brewery in Woodstock, VA. Kat went home for the very successful grand opening of Woodstock Brewhouse, and came back with a growler of their nut brown ale, Tipsy Squirrel (I know, so clever).

Did I mention that my new room has a window?? It's pretty neat.
Did I mention that my new room has a window?? It’s pretty neat.

I’ve had a few impressive brown ales lately, and the style is really growing on me. Tipsy Squirrel is another to add to the list. It’s a crisp, light-bodied brown with chocolate and malt sweetness on the nose. The taste is, as you might expect, nutty, and I also picked up on a cola-esque flavor. This brew is seriously refreshing. It hit the spot as Kat, Allison and I sat around the table in our sweltering kitchen and recapped our weekends.


The beer held up all the way from Woodstock because of the fancy growler you see above. These bad boys will keep beer cold for 24 hours! It will be the perfect vessel for transporting beer to the beach or park this summer. Kat also brought me a t-shirt from the brewery a couple of weeks ago. I love their simple, clean logo; I got a ton of compliments when I wore it to Hops and Hocks!


In addition to the Tipsy Squirrel, Woodstock currently has six other beers on tap in the tasting room. You know I can’t wait to try their Crow’s Provender IPA, and Kat raves about the vanilla porter. Congrats to Karl Roulston (Kat’s dad), and the whole Woodstock Brewhouse team. The Barley Babes can’t wait to visit!



6 thoughts on “Tipsy Squirrel, Tipsy Roommates

  1. Had the Asheville Brewing brown ale this past weekend with some of their artisanal pizza and it was AMAZING!

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