A Trip to the Mountains

Fresh sage is delicious tossed with pasta, blended into pesto, or sprinkled on pizza. It also makes a damn good beer additive.


Yesterday I tried Crooked Stave’s Colorado Wild Sage Mountain Saison, a saison brewed with white sage and lemongrass. It poured gold and hazy with a bubbly white head, and had quite a bit of suspended sediment floating around. The beginning of each sip contained the expected lemon flavor and effervescence of a saison. This was followed by notes of sage, spice, and then a wave of funk. This is one of those beers that packs a full range of flavors in each sip, and if you pay attention, you can experience each one as it hits your palate.


I read that each batch of this beer uses fresh white sage and lemongrass foraged from the Rocky Mountains. I’m not sure if it was imagining picking fresh herbs in the crisp mountain air, or just staring at the mountain scene on the bottle, but as I drank this in my apartment’s courtyard yesterday evening, I felt calm. All the stress I’ve been feeling about work, and relationships, and coordinating my upcoming move, loosened their grip on my chest and drifted into the balmy evening. It doesn’t have to be at the end of the day or while drinking a beer, but if you’re also feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to let yourself breathe. Everything will be okay.




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