Better With Age

Another cool beer that Maddy was kind enough to share with me during Riley’s graduation weekend was Wild’s Evolver, a pale ale fermented with Brettanomyces. Evolver can be enjoyed fresh and will taste like a standard pale ale, but if allowed to age the yeast works its magic and it “evolves” into a more unusual tasting beer. This one was extra special because Maddy had been aging it for a year!

Working usual
Working hard…as usual

After MONTHS of anticipation we finally cracked this baby open while holed up in my room creating the menu for Riley’s cider tasting. Once poured into wine glasses, it smelled of lemon, yeast, and honey. We immediately noticed that the head was two different colors– mostly off white, but with swirls of a darker, tannish color. [Not sure what caused this; let us know if you have any ideas.] Brett funkiness was present at the beginning of each sip, followed by a mellow bitterness. We also noted flavors of lemon and wheat, and a bit of sweetness, which made this a really nice beer to drink on a warm, summer day.


Wild Beer Co., located in Somerset, UK, is truly one of the most adventurous breweries out there. They cultivate their own yeast strains, and aren’t afraid to incorporate unusual ingredients, like gooseberries and cucumber, into their beers. At a work event last month I had the chance to try their delightfully sour Somerset Wild, and Bliss, a funky saison brewed with apricots. Both were complex and flavorful, yet refreshing and easy to drink. If you spot any of their brews at your local beer shop, grab them! You won’t be disappointed.



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