This post is going to be pretty lacking in the picture department, but I have to tell you about a cool brewery I just found out about. Beanery Brewing from Vermont stopped by Hops and Hocks on Tuesday to let me sample their Ethiopian Coffee Milk Stout and Costa Rica Coffee IPA. Dark beers infused with coffee are pretty common, but I’ve only had one other coffee IPA, so I was stoked to try Beanery’s.


Beanery is actually the first company to focus solely on coffee beers, and their flagship brew was the coffee IPA. First they came up with the recipe for a citrusy, easy-drinking IPA, and then they found the perfect coffee bean to infuse it with: one that when roasted produces lemon and brown sugar flavors. The result is a balanced, juicy IPA with just a hint of something extra– if I didn’t know the flavor was coffee, I’m not sure I would have even detected it. Luke Manson, the face of Beanery’s NY distribution, said that the brewery now believes that malted barley and water are better at soaking up the true flavors of coffee than water by itself. Malted barley, you’ve done it again.

Beanery’s beer is currently being brewed at the Smuttlabs brewing facility in Portsmouth, NH, Smuttynose’s site for producing more experimental, small batch brews. It’s only available in kegs right now, but they hope to come out with bombers in the near future. Beanery exemplifies what I love most about the world of craft beer: the dedication to creativity and innovation; the bravery to do something that no one else is doing.


6 thoughts on “Buzzed

    • Their beer is only available on draft right now. Might get a keg of one of them in the future. As you know we have a coffee-infused beer on our list right now, so I’ll probably wait til that kicks.

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