Love Child #5

I never thought I’d say this, but the most delicious thing we drank last weekend was a sour! With the help of my fellow Barley Babe, and my sour-loving brother, I am officially on the sour bandwagon.


On Sunday afternoon we shared Boulevard’s Love Child No. 5, the fifth installation in Boulevard’s Love Child series of wild, barrel-aged beers. Maddy loves these beers so much that I felt very lucky (and slightly guilty) getting to drink a third of the bottle. Love Child is refreshing and gulpable (I know, I know, not the most civilized descriptor). It has a tart, cherry flavor up front and a little bit of funk at the end.


We drank Love Child with Two Peas and Their Pod’s Asian Quinoa Salad, but I don’t think this was the best pairing. The salad, while delicious and fresh, doesn’t have bold enough flavors to stand up to a beer this sour. I also tried it with a few slices of aged sharp cheddar, and the cheese was much better at holding its own. That being said, MAKE THIS SALAD–it’s incredible. Just pair it with something more subtle, like Good Juju, or a wheat beer or mild saison.


Back to LC, though. I read that this year’s batch is a blend of barrels of beer that have been souring since 2008, 2009, and 2011. Can you imagine how exciting/nerve-racking/gratifying it would be to finally taste a beer that you’d been working on since 2008?? Apparently Love Child No. 4, released last year, was “unrelentingly sour,” even for Boulevard’s brewers, so this year they strived for a more balanced, softer blend. Love Child No. 6 debuts in December, just in time for Maddy’s birthday! Coincidence? I think not…



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