SlyFox Grisette

I’ve been all about the saisons and farmhouse ales these days, so when our SlyFox rep dropped off a can of Grisette last week, I was super excited to try it. A grisette is a Belgian-style ale that’s a bit lighter than a saison and contains wheat in addition to barley malt. SlyFox has won silver and gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival for their take on this style.


Grisette is golden and hazy with a thin, bubbly head. I got a ton of lemon and grass on the nose–the perfect beer smells for this time of year. Flavor-wise, it basically drinks like a saison, but the body is thinner. It still has that saison effervescence too, which contributes even more to the lightness. There are notes of citrus, spice, and yeast up front, and then a little bitterness lingers on the palate.


Overall I really enjoyed this subtle, but flavorful beer. After a sticky five hour bus ride from DC, and lugging two huge bags stuffed with clothes I didn’t even end up wearing through the crowded subway  (will I ever learn not to overpack??), Grisette quenched my thirst and lifted my spirits. According to the can, “grisette” is derived from the French word for “gray,” referring to the drab factory frocks donned by young women (grisettes) who served pints of beer to miners exiting the mines for the day. I’m sure I didn’t need a beer as badly as those miners, but when I was finally back in my apartment enjoying the sounds of Memorial Day celebrations coming from all around, I think I appreciated it just as much.

Cheers to a short week!



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