The Rapture

My dearest readers: we are so sorry for the long stretch of silence. Where have you been getting your beer news? How have you been choosing a brew to pair with dinner on Friday night? Who has been telling you every little detail (some of which you could probably do without) about the beers they are drinking?? Please say that you haven’t found a beer blog to replace us during our hiatus. We have some great posts coming up!
On Friday night I had the pleasure of attending a release party for Radiant Pig’s new beer: East Side Rapture. Radiant Pig is a Manhattan-based  brewery comprised of Laurisa Milici and her business partner/boyfriend/co-brewer Rob Pihl. Back in January I reached out to Laurisa about working for Radiant Pig, and she just contacted me to see if I would be interested in volunteering at some of their events this summer. Um, duhhh. Just ask Parkway, I’m an excellent volunteer brewery rep. 😉
I tried Radiant Pig’s session IPA at Birreria a while back (yum), and they also have an American red ale, and just brewed another IPA for their two year anniversary.  East Side Rapture, an American pale wheat, is a totally new style for them, and it’s the perfect beer for this time of year. It’s light/medium bodied and has the yeast and citrus flavors of a wheat beer, but then has a little bit of hop bitterness in the finish. Being a hop junky, I actually think I prefer beers of this style over traditional wits because I find them more complex and flavorful.
Kristin was a fan too!
Kristin was a fan too!
The release party was at Drop Off Service, a lively bar in the East Village with an amazing draft list. I’d never been to Drop Off Service before, but definitely plan to return. Their happy hour lasts until 8, and craft beers are only $3!! Put this place on our list of regular spots, Allycat.
Stay tuned for more updates about Radiant Pig. Whenever I’m not working at H&H this summer, I hope to be helping promote their delicious beer! Happy Monday!

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