Friday Food Pairing: More Ginger

We have another ginger-heavy recipe to share with you guys today, but this time the ginger is in the food, not the beer! On Tuesday night Ed and I made a veggie stir-fry with broccoli, onion, red pepper, green beans, carrots, fresh grated ginger, and soy sauce. The recipe calls for snow peas but we couldn’t find them at the market, so we substituted red pepper instead. I’m actually glad we made the switch; I think it mixed up the flavors and textures a bit more. You could obviously use any veggies you like in this recipe (next time we’re going to add mushrooms and water chestnuts), but don’t omit the broccoli! It soaks up sauces so well.

The rice master
The rice master

As we chopped and stir-fryed, we munched on wasabi peas and sipped Good Juju. As every sushi fan knows, wasabi+ginger is a match made in heaven! When the veggies were tender, we ladled them over perfectly fluffy long grain white rice (nice job, Ed!) and paired the dish with Ommegang’s Hennepin. We just got this farmhouse saison into H&H and I knew the light, springy brew would be perfect for a dinner featuring fresh vegetables and ginger.


Hennepin is also brewed with ginger (in addition to coriander and orange peel), but the flavor isn’t as strong as it is in Good Juju. I love its effervescence, and that its slightly sweet, citrus flavor is balanced by a solid hop backbone. My favorite sips came after eating a big spear of broccoli with a lot of ginger and soy flavor. Crisp, spicy Hennepin quenched my palate after each salty bite!


Here’s hoping for another gorgeous weekend! If you’re staying in tonight, try this super easy stir-fry and delicious, springy beer. I’m mostly going to be working this weekend, but I’m excited to go to the Greenpointers’ Market with Ed on Sunday. Brooklyn’s impressive array of art/craft/jewelry vendors are sure to be out in full force, and Greenpoint Beer & Ale brewed a beer especially for the occasion! “Rabbit Island” is a New Zealand-inspired pilsner with tropical fruit notes and white grape. Um, yum..



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