Food Pairing Friday: Great Juju + Vanilla Ice Cream

Greetings! I’ve called you all together on this beautiful spring day to tell you all about a fun food pairing I did Monday night with honorary Barley Babe, Cooke.


If you know me at all, you know that I love ginger. Doesn’t matter what form it comes in, I LOVE IT. We’ve talked about the Good Juju before, Left Hand’s ginger spice ale, and how much we freakin’ love it! So when I stopped by Vintage Cellar on Monday and saw Great Juju sitting on the shelf, I immediately picked it up for after dinner.


The Great Juju is an imperial version of the Good Juju; basically it’s higher in alcohol (7.2% vs. 4.5%) and has A LOT A LOT A LOT of ginger spice and flavor. I feel like the extra ginger made this brew have a little more body than the original version; it was almost thick with ginger. It’s spicy, yeasty, and has just a few hints of caramel. The addition of candied ginger helps to sweeten this brew, and take some of the heat off the spice.


After my first few sips of the Great Juju, I couldn’t stop thinking about reducing it down and pouring it on top of the last of my vanilla ice cream. So that’s what I did, damnit! This was my first attempt at making a beer sauce, but over all I think it was a success! I started by heating a skillet to medium heat, and once warmed, I added about a cup of beer.


Stirring every so often, I cooked the beer for about 10 minutes. We added a little bit of sugar about half way through to thicken it up, stirring as we added. I’m no expert, but once the sauce coats your spoon, it’s ready.


We poured it over the vanilla ice cream and SPLADOW we had a summery treat that felt just a lil fancy. The ice cream complemented the slightly toasty ginger/sugar flavor. Think candied ginger marshmallow…..I know…I know… is amazing as it sounds.


My annoyed model 😉

So yeah! This is a super simple method that you can use with any beer. Next time I think I may try a chocolate stout with a higher abv…or maybe a barleywine. Whatever I decide, you guys will be the first to know, of course!

Until next time you filthy animals





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