Friday Food Pairing: Tacos + CT Beers!

Hey guys! So I know we talk about tacos a lot, but let’s face it, they might be the world’s most simple, delicious, and versatile meal, so let’s talk about ’em again. On my last night in Connecticut, Amanda’s dad, Ron, made an amazing taco Tuesday dinner and we sampled six different beers, all from CT!


We tried most of the beers before dinner, and Amanda kept careful track of which went best with our chips and guac appetizer. The verdict: Stony Creek Brewing’s amber lager, Dock Time, and the Thomas Hooker Blonde Ale. Not only does Dock Time have a bottle that could be considered a work of art, but this malt-forward lager is full-flavored while remaining light and crisp. Dock Time is exactly the right name; we were all imagining ourselves by the pool with a cooler of these babies.


We also loved the artwork on the two Black Hog Brewing cans that we sampled. Granola Brown pours and drinks more like a porter than a brown, but who even knows what constitutes a brown ale anymore?? It has notes of roasted nuts and coffee, and bitterness that lingers a tad too long. While we’re not sure we’d bring this one on a hike (as the can suggests), I think it would be a good beer to enjoy after dinner with a chunky chocolate chip cookie.



Black Hog’s session Rye IPA (Easy Rye’ cute), went better with the salty chips, but wasn’t as balanced as we would have liked. We felt like the bitterness overpowered the rye and citrus flavors. The other session IPA of the group, Around the Clock, was a completely different story. Its big, piny hop flavor is perfectly complemented by the five different malts that Top Shelf Brewing packed into this beer. Ron isn’t really an IPA guy, but he liked this one.


Finally the tacos were ready! Ron ate his with an old standby, Coors Light 😉 and Amanda and I split City Steam Brewery’s Double IPA, Innocence. To be honest, I can’t remember much about this beer because I was SO focused on my tacos. Ron’s spread featured three different kinds of tortillas and every topping you could imagine: sautéed veggies, cabbage slaw, shredded romaine, three different types of cheese, guac, corn salsa, regular salsa, spicy ranch dressing, and probably more things that I’m forgetting! My tacos were so packed I had to eat them with a fork!


As you can imagine, we were totally stuffed after this meal, but not too stuffed for ice cream! It’s a good thing that Amanda’s kitty was there to help us finish off our bowls of mint chocolate chip. 😉

IMG_6028Thanks so much to Ron and Amanda for my amazing three day vacay in Connecticut! I never wanted to leave your comfy home (and all that beer, pasta salad, and fudge…), and I already can’t wait to go back! You two are seriously the best hosts a Barley Babe could ask for.

Happy Weekend to all!



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