The Secret is Out 

Hey, guys! I’m in Connecticut right now visiting my friend Amanda (you might remember her from my Birreria post). Amanda and her dad have shown me such a great time so far! Her dad stocked the fridge with TONS of beer, including several bottles from, Berkshire Brewing Company, a Massachusetts brewery I had never tried before.


I just wanted to shoot off a quick post to tell you about an awesome new brewery that came into Hops and Hocks to do a tasting on Saturday. Secret Engine is a NYC-based brewery gypsy brewing creative, small-batched beers. Their head brewer, Mike Mare, wants to focus on brewing styles OTHER than IPAs, because let’s face it, while I love IPAs, they are a dime a dozen these days.

Mike and his Secret Engine co-owner, David Monaghan, generously brought growlers of their pilsner and red saison into H&H, and we also have their imperial brown and Cactus Pear Saison on draft, so patrons could sample those as well. Yeah, you read that right, a Cactus Pear Saison. Cactus Pears grow wild on Long Island, and in an effort to make a beer using super local ingredients, the SE brewers were inspired by these prickly, fig-shaped wild pears. Because the fruit on the inside of the pears is pink, Mike said that the mash looked like Pepto-Bismol! The end result, though, was a golden, slightly cloudy saison with a crisp mouth feel and tart flavor. It’s as refreshing and springy as their imperial brown is roasty, chocolatey, and complex. I’m so impressed with these guys! Can’t wait to try their next concoction.

Have a great Monday!



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