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Hey guys! Several of you mentioned liking our first links-from-around-the-beer-world post, so here are some more!

Does craft beer have a sexism problem? Unfortunately, when it comes to names of beers and bottle artwork, I think the answer to this question is yes.

Kind of an old article, but a really interesting study. I definitely feel happier just looking at beer!

Biltmore Village already has a winery, so it’s only fair for it to get a brewery too.

Will cider really get as big as craft beer? I can’t wait to try the NYC cider bar mentioned in this article when my fellow cider lover, Allison, moves here!

Bold Rock, how I miss thee..
Bold Rock, how I miss thee..

Last week I tried an amazing smoked peach Weisse by Smuttynose. In honor of the finally-warming weather, here are some other popular peach ales. PLUS, yet another delectable, beer-infused recipe by Jackie.

Someone please tell me how I can get my hands on this beer. #womanpower

What a great April Fools Day prank.

Because of the Brewers Association’s 2014 change in the definition of “craft,” Yuengling is now considered craft beer, and was just announced as the top US craft brewer according to 2014 beer sales volume. This article points out that the Brewers Association’s decision to include previously banned breweries like Yuengling is thought to be motivated by their goal to reach a 20 percent of share of marketplace volume by 2020 (craft is currently at 11 percent).


 There are few things better than a good beer and a good read. Enjoy!

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