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Good morning, beer babes. Several of the bloggers I follow regularly do “links from around the web” posts, in which they share a list of interesting articles that they’ve recently come across. Last night I thought to myself, “The Barley Babes should link to some cool beer blogs/stories.” So…here you go! Happy browsing.

The Beeroness is a blog entirely devoted to beer-infused recipes, written by a woman! I’m dying to try her Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Pomegranate Guacamole (Shash, they look right up your alley), and her IPA Pickles!

Have you heard about the trademark dispute between Bell’s and Innovation Brewing? Here’s a synopsis of the drama, and here’s what the VP of Bell’s is saying.


Brewers pay a federal tax on each barrel of beer they produce, and this can be a significant burden on small breweries. There are two bills in Congress right now trying to reduce that tax, one that specifically targets small breweries and one that would benefit all breweries. But do the big boys really need a tax break?

Through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships you can pay for an entire season of produce upfront, and then receive weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers. This is obviously quite convenient for consumers, but it also benefits farmers, because the bulk payment allows them to purchase new seed, repair equipment, etc. Now there are CSB (Community Supported Beer) memberships!

 A cocktail made with Port City Optimal Wit?! Sounds like heaven. Seeing as how we invented the Tidings-mosa, you know we’ll give it a try.


 I was so inspired by this International Women’s Day shout out to all the women working in the beer industry!

For the New York readers: I recently discovered this awesome blog that covers New York beer news. It even has a daily calendar to keep you updated on NY beer events, many of which are free!

On a serious note, our Dad, top Barley Babes commenter and man who first inspired our love of beer, got in a bike wreck yesterday. Thankfully, he’s going to be okay, but we want to let him know we’re thinking about him, and love him very much! You’ll be back to your usual shenanigans (see below) in no time, Dad.



3 thoughts on “Beer Reads

  1. Oh no! Send some get well wishes to your dad from me. That’s such a cute picture of the parents, though, as well as a great idea for a post! Enjoyed reading! 🙂

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