Saturday Food Pairing: Southwestern Salad + Sweet Action

Good morning! So I’m cheating on this week’s food pairing in a couple of ways. First, as you’ve surely noticed, it’s not Friday. Second, I didn’t cook this meal! I trust that, as always, you darling readers will forgive me.

Honorary BB, Allison, visited me in NYC this week for her spring break. We had a lovely time eating and drinking our way through the city. On Thursday we went to Central Bar in the East Village to eat lunch and watch the UVA/Florida State basketball game. As we washed down our crisp, fresh Southwestern Salads with sips of cold Sixpoint Sweet Action, we realized, hey, this is a decent pairing!


In their effort to not be pinned down, Sixpoint describes Sweet Action as, “a beer that your brain cannot categorize but instead speaks directly to your palate.” RateBeer and BeerAdvocate call it a Cream Ale, so let’s go with that. As the name suggests SA does have a sweet, bready, malt flavor, but the presence of citrus hops in the finish and a lingering bitterness keep it from being too sweet. At 34 IBUs and only 5.2% Sweet Action is the definition of sessionable. Put this one on your list for spring picnics and summer barbeques.


As you can imagine, the Sweet Action’s citrus hops were a nice complement to the Southwestern Salad’s lime vinaigrette dressing. My favorite part of this pairing, though, was how the smooth, creamy beer meshed so perfectly with the soft, buttery texture of the fresh avocado slices. It was textural bliss for the palate! I definitely want to recreate the salad at home; it’s so simple! Just toss romaine with cucumber, tomato, carrots, corn, black beans, and any citrus vinaigrette, and then top with fresh avocado slices and crunchy tortilla chips. Voilà! You’ll have a quick spring dinner fit for any patio, screened-in porch, rooftop, or fire escape. 😉


I’m in Allycat withdrawal already. Can’t wait until she moves here this summer! NYC misses her too; as soon as she left, it started raining! Hope you all have fabulous weekends. Let me know what you’re doing/seeing/eating/drinking!



2 thoughts on “Saturday Food Pairing: Southwestern Salad + Sweet Action

  1. I’m have rachie withdrawals already!!! I had so much fun last week and can’t wait until we are officially roomies!! Xoxoxox

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