A Tasty Brew in Malibu

Good morning, readers! We are very excited to feature another wonderful guest post, this time from my best friend, Nikki. Nikki and her husband moved to California almost a year ago, and while I miss her terribly, I LOVE hearing about her adventures in paradise. You will too!

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Greetings from sunny California!  It’s Nikki here, a very good friend and loyal fan of the Barley Babes.  I am so excited and honored that they asked me to write a guest post.  Here’s hoping it’s up to the high standards the BBs have set for the blog we all know and love.  Please excuse my lack of technical beer vocabulary.  The passion is there, though, I promise. 🙂

I spent this past Saturday in Malibu with my husband, Paul, and our good friend, Mina.  Malibu is one of my very favorite places in southern Cali.  Its spectacular and sometimes secluded beaches, laid back vibe, and gorgeous scenic views are definitely something to write home about.  Also, who doesn’t enjoy admiring those beach-front celebrity-worthy mansions lining the Pacific Coast Highway.  A girl can dream, right?!


After spending the morning exploring Point Dume State Beach, Paul, Mina and I were ready for a delicious meal and some tasty bevs around lunchtime.  We headed over to Duke’s, a Hawaiian themed restaurant named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, “Father of International Surfing.”  We didn’t bring surfboards, but it’s good to know that Duke’s would have had us covered if we did.

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With 30 minutes to kill waiting for a table, we headed over to the tiki bar for some drinks.  Paul ordered a Sauvignon Blanc from the St. Supéry winery in Napa Valley and Mina ordered a mixed drink called the Scorpion, deemed by the menu as “California’s original tiki cocktail.”  As for me, I was in the mood for a brewski and saw this as the perfect opportunity to do some research for the blog post my BFF Rachel asked me to write. 😉

My eyes went right to the Californian drafts, and I selected a beer that by description seemed right up my alley. The Santa Monica Brew Works Wit, at 5.3 % ABV, boasted tastes of wheat, orange, banana, and clove, and it definitely made good on its promises. I immediately identified the wheat and orange which made me liken the Wit to a Blue Moon Belgian White, a Witbier with which I am very familiar.  Overall, the murky golden pour was crisp and refreshing, with a slightly tart aftertaste.  If you’re looking for a good beach beer, you should definitely consider this one.  Although Paul wasn’t the biggest fan (he’s more of a wine and cider guy), Mina and I shared a fondness for the Wit.  Mina felt that the bitter finish was minimal, which made him “want to keep drinking.”

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Would I get this beer again?  Heck yes!  One of these puppies and some California Halibut grilled with rice and veggies hit the spot, and gave me just the energy I needed to hit the next Malibu beach on our agenda, El Matador.  Surfs up dude!


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