Friday Food Pairing: Goat Cheese Tacos + Hefeweizen

Greetings, earthlings! Today, let’s talk about a summery food pairing to help us pretend that it isn’t still snowy and freezing!

Remember what it was like to drink beer outside??
Remember what it was like to drink beer outside??

On Sunday Ed and I made tacos and watched a few episodes of House of Cards. [Side note: I thought the first HOC eps were a bit slow, but I’m about halfway through the third season now, and dammnn it’s gettin’ juicy.] I found this recipe for Roasted Mushroom, Kale, and Goat Cheese Tacos on Two Peas and Their Pod, an adorable blog full of recipes that are simple, healthy (but not too healthy), and delicious.


I paired the tacos with Franziskaner Weissbier, a German hefeweizen. Hefeweizens pair well with lighter foods, like goat cheese and vegetables, because the flavors are similarly subtle and delicate. The tartness of the goat cheese meshes really well with the fruit flavors often present in hefs.


 As expected, the tacos were quick to prepare and quite tasty. We especially loved the use of roasted mushrooms to make them a bit heartier. It’s amazing how flavorful and meaty mushrooms become when simply roasted in olive oil. I was struck by the similar mouthfeel of the beer and the goat cheese. Both were so soft and creamy, they seemed to melt into my palate with each bite/sip.

IMG_5625 2

It may still be winter…and snowing…and frigid, but let’s try to look past it. Crank up the heat, put on your tropical garb, blast some Beach Boys, and try this pairing! Pretend you’re sitting on a patio by the beach, enjoying fresh tacos and drinking a cold hef. Just don’t look out the window…



4 thoughts on “Friday Food Pairing: Goat Cheese Tacos + Hefeweizen

  1. Oh my goodness, those tacos look delicious and the pairing is right on. I will definitely try that. I wish my kale loving,Taco Tuesday founding, sister could be with me to try.

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