Bandmate Turns Brewer

As many of you know, I just started working at a beer shop in Brooklyn called Hops & Hocks. We carry a huge selection of bottles and cans, and also have twenty taps to fill growlers! The store is filled to the brim with delicious meats, cheeses, fresh breads, and gourmet snacks. Obviously, I’m in heaven.

One of the biggest perks of working at H&H is getting to try so many new brews. On Friday afternoon one of our distributors stopped by to drop off a couple of bottles he thought we might be interested in carrying. This can immediately caught my eye, for obvious reasons.


 Trooper was created by the English heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, and named for their popular song, “The Trooper.” Vocalist Bruce Dickinson developed the beer, and it was brewed at family-run Robinson’s Brewery in Stockport, England. Cool can, cool backstory, now what about the beer?


Trooper pours a pleasant, cherry wood color and has a thin, quickly dissipating head. The aroma is malty, and I also detected subtle citrus on the nose. It has a nice, crisp mouthfeel and refreshing carbonation, but unfortunately, it’s pretty lacking in the flavor department. It isn’t bad, but nothing stands out. Malt and hop flavors are balanced, with just a moment of bitterness at end of each sip. Ed and I had no problem chugging it down; it’s the kind of beer that you might order in a pub if you’re just looking to drink a few with friends, and don’t feel up to deep beer analysis.  I probably won’t try it again, unless I’m at a bar that’s serving it in cans, because let’s be honest, the can is pretty badass.

Cheers to surviving Monday!


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