Jade IPA, at long last

Greetings, Beer Folks! I’m Richmond bound, barreling down 81! No I’m not typing and driving—I’m riding shotty for Denny’s sake! But back to what we’re all here for: Foothills’ Jade IPA.


I had my first brush with this beer last year at Rocktown Beer Festival in Harrisonburg. It was my first pour of the festival and a DAMN good way to start the day! After that, I was only able to find this brew on tap at The Rivermill in Blacksburg. Not a bottle to be found anywhere…sigh….

UNTIL MONDAY! I’m minding my own business, just looking for a beer to go with dinner, and there, staring me in the face…JADE IPA. Needless to say I was over joyed by the thought of cracking this puppy open over dinner with my best gal, Cooke. We whipped up some pesto mayo BLT’s (keep your tomato season comments to yourself, I DON’T CARE) and got to drankin!


As mentioned before, I have only had Jade IPA on tap, so I was excited to see how it tasted from a bottle. Glorious, is how it tastes. This brew gets its name from the use of Jade hops, which give a tropical fruit flavor with a peppery finish. Allison and I both picked up on some pepper, and thought it went perfectly with the salty bacon fat and garlic-y bite of the pesto mayo. Foothills also used Citra hops when dry hopping the Jade, giving it a deliciously pungent and sticky, citrus aroma and flavor. Who knew citrus + pepper could be such a winning combo! Allison and I legitimately had to force ourselves to slow down, we only had one bottle after all.


At 86 IBUs this brew is intensely flavorful and definitely bitter, but is still easy to drink at 7.4%. Maybe I’ve already planned to buy another bottle…and maybe I plan to drink all 22 oz by myself….and maybe I’m okay with that. Seriously IPA fans, find this beer and try it. You won’t be disappointed.


Away laughing on a fast Camel,



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