Friday Food Pairing: Coconut Curry and Green Tea IPA

IT’S THE WEEKEND, BEER LOVERS! I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting Friday and the fun post that comes along with it. 😉 This week I (Maddy) took the reins for our weekly food pairing, and although it was quickly put together, it turned out stellar.


 I had been sitting on some rice noodles and coconut curry simmer sauce for about a month when honorary BB, Allison, suggested we have pasta for dinner. Realizing I had Stone’s Japenese Green Tea IPA sitting pretty in the fridge, I thought, “Maddy, It’s time.” The simmer sauce is premade (sorry) and poured over veggies or meat in the final stages of cooking. I chopped up half a red onion, yellow squash, cucumber, and an orange pepper and threw them into a frying pan to sauté in olive oil. Note: I like to use cucumber instead of zucchini when I make stir-fry because it tends to hold its crunch even after cooking. After the veggies sautéed for roughly 10 minutes, I covered them with the coconut curry to simmer for another 10 minutes while I cooked the rice noodles. Rice noodles cook in boiling water for about 4 minutes. OR if you have more time, you can soak the noodles for 4-5 hours. This makes the noodles more like noodles used in Pad Thai. I chose the quickie method of boiling the noodles, and boom it was that easy; 25 minutes and dinner was on the table.



Last minute spinach addition!


Stone’s Green Tea IPA was the perfect complement to our meal. The slight heat of the simmer sauce was balanced by the refreshing, herbal green tea flavor of the beer. It was divine. We a got mostly earthy, slightly spicy, hop aroma on the nose. “But what does the beer taste like, Maddy?”  STRAIGHT UP DELICIOIUS. This brew is incredibly light bodied, tasting almost like green tea and beer mixed together: herbal, a hint of mint, and HOPS, baby. What more could you need? The addition of the tea made the beer taste super fresh, in our opinion. The most surprising part for us BBs was how flavorful it was for being so light and airy! I mean, this brew is jam packed with intense green tea and hop flavor, coming together in perfect harmony. We were sucking that puppy down like it was our jobs! And then, I looked at the bottle.


10.1%??? 10.1%??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME, STONE? Allison and I could not wrap our brains around this beer!! How could a beer literally taste like a beer-tea-mosa, all light bodied…and smooth..and crisp, but be 10.1%?? BECAUSE IT IS RIDICULOUSLY BALANCED. THAT’S HOW. Somehow Stone has managed to make a 10.1% beer taste like a 6 percenter, and we’re INTO it. We highly reccomend this beer for anyone who is a fan of green tea, balanced beers, and surprise drunkeness.


Yes, we did end up slightly drunk on a Wednesday night. But c’mon, as a wise woman once said, “It’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive.”


Happy weekend! Cheers!

P.S. Send pairing suggestions! Give us a reason to cook! A reason to drink!
Help us live!!!!



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