For Lovers Only

Howdy, friends! Maddy here…the lazy other half of Barley Babes…you remember me, don’t you? ANYWHO, with Rach keeping you peeps up to date with all the fun stuff happening in New York, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about Parkway’s latest offering: For Lovers Only Imperial Stout.


I’m a dark beer kind of gal, so when I first heard whispers around the brewery of an Imperial Stout, I was immediately excited. Then I tasted the beer. AND DAMN GUYS!! I’m still excited about it a week later. Hell, I’m gonna be excited about this beer until the last drop is poured. 60+ days cellaring, 6 weeks aging on French oak, and 3 weeks aging on Vanilla Bean have made for one dangerously drinkable brew.


Reasons I’m obsessed with this beer:

1) It smells like a frickin s’more! The use of French oak during aging allows For Lovers Only to take on a sugary, toasty marshmallow profile, while the chocolate malt adds…well…chocolate, creating one yummy smelling brew.

2) It’s so balanced it’s scary. Ryan, Parkway’s Brewmaster, has a knack for creating some of the most balanced beers I’ve ever tried. A lot of the time with stouts, I feel like there’s a harsh/bitter/puckering aftertaste. The For Lovers Only is different though– so smooth, so creamy, so damn drinkable. I have to watch how fast I drink this baby.

3) The flavor is out of this world; I get sweet chocolate balanced with a touch of roasty coffee. Honorary beer babe, Allison, picks up on notes of coconut, which we think is due to the oak. Either way, it’s delicious. Go buy some…RIGHT NOW.

4) Last but not least: THE ARTWORK. Southern Culture on the Skids, a band near and dear to Parkway’s heart, inspired the name and artwork for For Lovers Only. Keno, my wonderful boss and owner of Parkway, had SCOTC play at his wedding, for Denny’s sake! Here, have a listen to the beer’s namesake!

Give it a try it! Let us know what you think!

Cheers, Betches!



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