Friday Food Pairing: Chickpea Potato Curry

Last Sunday, after a week of eating delicious but unhealthy meals with Dad, Ed and I decided to make dinner! We took stock of what he already had and then chose a simple chickpea and potato curry from Simply Recipes. The ingredients were mostly pantry staples, so we only had to grab a few things at the local market, and of course we picked up some beer, too!


We chose Resin, Sixpoint’s Double IPA, because we assumed that the curry would be spicy. Spice + Hops = Love.


The curry was really easy, but it did take a bit longer than the recipe indicated. We tried to have it finished by the time my friend Amanda arrived from Connecticut, but cutting up the veggies and cooking the potatoes took longer than we anticipated. Also, a tip to any of you who decide to make it: we added additional vegetable broth as we went along because the liquid began to cook down and wasn’t covering the potatoes.


The end result was fantastic! We served the curry over brown rice and topped it with plain greek yogurt. As predicted, the Resin was a nice compliment. The dish didn’t actually end up being that spicy, so I liked that the hop-heavy Resin accentuated the heat.


Even with three people eating, we had a lot of leftovers, so Ed and I got to have curry again on Tuesday! This time we ate it with the Raven’s Roost, Parkway’s Baltic porter, which was very different, but still a good pairing. Instead of bringing out the spiciness, the smooth Roost served as a palate quencher between bites.


As you can probably tell, we LOVE to cook, and learning how to pair beer with food has only made meal preparation more pleasurable. We want to start featuring a beer/food pairing every Friday, so please send us your suggestions/recommendations/things you’ve always wanted to try. Seriously! You know how we love to be your guinea pigs. 😉

P.S. A huge thanks to the lovely Amanda for providing many of the photos in this post! Looking forward to more of these dinners in the future.


4 thoughts on “Friday Food Pairing: Chickpea Potato Curry

  1. What about an Italian dish?? I love Italian food but I never know a good beer to pair with a pasta dish because wine is the go to! Will definitely need to try that curry soon…it sounds amazing! xoxoxo

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