We’ve finally reached the twelfth day of Christmas, and folks, we’re going out with a bang.


Ommegang’s Dark Winter Ale, the Adoration, pours deep mahogany in color and has a fizzy, off-white head. The carbonation is visible; bubbles continue to rise to the surface of the beer minutes after it’s poured.


Although the Adoration comes in at 10% ABV, the carbonation, spice, flavors of orange and dark fruit, and substantial malt backbone mostly mask the alcohol. I was surprised by the strong presence of orange and coriander, both in the taste and on the nose, as I don’t generally associate these flavors with beers this dark. The Adoration was divine alongside homemade lentil and sweet potato stew and crusty sourdough bread, but it could easily be sipped on its own by a roaring fire.


This was one of my favorite beers of the whole season, which makes it even harder to bring our Twelve Days of Christmas series to an end! Luckily, I still have one more Mad Elf stashed in the basement to numb the pain…


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