Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel Room

Okay, okay, so it’s New Year’s Eve, not Christmas Eve, and we’re in a hotel room in Charlottesville, not New York City. Whatevs. It still feels like an appropriate time to talk about this beer.


You know how we’re always saying, “This beer is dangerous; it definitely doesn’t taste like 8%” and “Be careful with this one. Despite the high ABV, it’s soooo easy to drink.” NOT the case with CEAANYCHR (quite an acronym, right?). This baby is 10% alcohol by volume and it absolutely tastes like it. Although it has flavors of coffee, chocolate, and as it warms, dark fruit, the booziness is undeniable.


Maddy is pretty into imperial stouts right now, so she really enjoyed this beer. She loved the low carbonation and creamy mouthfeel, and felt that as it warmed, the coffee flavors turned to mocha. The booziness was a tad much for me, though. As the beer reached room temperature and more sweetness and chocolate came out, I liked it more, but at first I felt like I was drinking liquor. Looking back, I think we should have paired with a rich, chocolatey dessert. I needed a little something to balance the booze.


Whether you’re at home, visiting friends/relatives, or ringing in the New Year in a New York City hotel room, we hope you have a fabulous night! When the clock strikes twelve you can be sure that the Barley Babes will take a moment to raise our glasses to all of our wonderful readers. See you in 2015!



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