Hooray for Real Presents!

On the sixth day of Christmas we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to discuss an actual gift that we just received. Our Uncle Bryan and Aunt Monica are moving to Nicaragua this week, so when they came to visit last weekend they let us open our Christmas gifts early!


Our grandmother brought these beer mugs back from Germany in the late 1940’s. Our grandfather was stationed there in the army after WWII, and she was working as a contract physician. At some point our Uncle Bryan ended up with the mugs, and we’re so thankful that he lugged them around for all those years! He must have had a premonition that there would eventually be some hard core beer lovers in the family.



Because the gift bag was so heavy, I assumed that it contained beer. Obviously we would have been stoked about that, but these are SO MUCH BETTER! We’ve had them for less than a week and already consider them to be among our most prized possessions. Thanks Uncle Bryan and Aunt Monica! We can’t wait to visit you in Nicaragua, even though you say that the beer scene leaves something to be desired…


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