The Fifth Day of Christmas

After four days of birds (what the heck is wrong with this true love person??), I have to admit that five golden rings does sound pretty good.
We’d still rather have Bell’s, though.


Bell’s Winter White is another atypical winter seasonal. It’s fermented with Belgian ale yeast and uses a blend of barley and wheat malts to create a crisp, light-bodied brew that you could easily see yourself sipping by a pool in the summer. I get a little bit of citrus fruitiness, particularly lemon, both on the nose and in the taste. A lot of people are critical of this beer, and it’s true that it doesn’t stand up to all the other mind-blowingly delicious offerings produced by Bell’s. However, it’s a solid, easy-drinking brew that pairs well with a variety of foods, or can be sipped on its own while watching basketball (or Love Actually 😉 ). Plus, I’ll be damned it if doesn’t make you feel like summer, especially served in an Oberon glass.



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