Let it Snow

Although it’s sunny in Virginia today and expected to be in the 50’s, I just found out that there’s SNOW in the forecast for Saturday. In honor of this exciting news, let’s talk about New Belgium’s Accumulation.


The Accumulation has the citrus hoppiness of New Belgium’s other IPAs, but as a white IPA also features the wheat base and spiciness of a wit beer. Its wheat notes and medium-light body make it a refreshing option during a time of year when strong, boozy beers reign supreme. My friend Laura is not typically an IPA gal, but this weekend she tried the Accumulation at my request and really enjoyed it. It’s light and citrusy enough to please a variety of palates, but hoppy and bitter enough to give us hop heads our fix.


New Belgium’s website suggests pairing Accumulation with Mexican food. The combination of wheat malts and powerful hops makes it able to stand up to spicy, flavorful dishes, and quench the palate. Watch their whole explanation of the pairing here. What a cool idea!


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