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On Friday afternoon before the first show, we went to Charlottesville’s new World of Beer, located on West Main Street. NOTE: Rachel lived in the apartment complex behind World of Beer FOR TWO YEARS, and just moved out this past May. You can imagine her agony when she drove down West Main early this fall, spotted WOB, and realized that she would have been mere steps from the beautiful, beer-stuffed establishment. Oh, well. It’s probably better for her wallet and liver that she moved.


We wish we’d been able to fit in a trip to World of Beer before it got cold; their huge outdoor patio with fire pits and comfy couches would be the perfect place to spend an early-fall evening. It was a tad too chilly on Friday for us to venture outdoors.


The interior is a pleasant spot to hang out as well, though. The first sight upon walking in the door is an enormous bar with dozens of taps. Exposed brick and soft lighting make the large, high-ceilinged space feel cozy. Once we grabbed a table and began perusing the menu, we were overcome with emotion. “So many choices!” “I just can’t decide.” “Have you tried the..?” “GUYS, CAN YOU BELIEVE I USED TO LIVE RIGHT THERE???” “Okay, I decidedno wait, I changed my mind.” “THIS IS SO HARD!!”

World of Beer has one of the most extensive beer lists in Charlottesville, and we were excited to see that it had such variety and depth. There were local beers, foreign beers, beers that we’d tried and loved, and beers that we’d never heard of. They don’t waste draft space on well-known, non-craft selections like Miller Lite, but do include them on their extensive bottle list.


Rachel started with the Firestone Walker Opal. We tasted this during a cookout this summer when our friends Amanda and Matt brought over a bomber for the group to split. Rach enjoyed it then, but was blown away when she tried in on draft. The Opal is a crisp, slightly fruity farmhouse ale. Firestone Walker describes it as having “unique sauvignon blanc tones” and a “tropical white wine finish.” Rachel totally got this! It’s full-bodied, but has a crisp, almost wine-like finish. The perfect after lunch beer.


Rachel’s second beer was the Sorachi Ace (another farmhouse saison). She had this a couple of weeks ago at 622’s Brooklyn Brewery tap takeover, but didn’t enjoy it as much this time. Maybe it was overshadowed by the deliciousness of the Opal? It was heavier and hoppier than she remembered, but it does have a nice lemon presence. The menu said that the Ace would be served in a tulip, but Rachel received a full pint, which brings us to a small critique that we have of World of Beer. Several of the brews we ordered were served in glassware different than what was indicated on the menu.


Allison and Mark both ordered Potter’s Craft Hopped Cider. If you remember our Ciderfest post from last year, you know how we feel about the hopped version of their extremely popular farmhouse cider. Albermarle Pippin and Gold Rush apples combine with Citra and Amarillo hops to create a dry cider with the bitterness of a hoppy beer. It is perfection. We can’t wait ‘til they start bottling this baby in December!


Maddy began her afternoon with Wild Wolf’s Primal Instinct IPA. Wild Wolf is one of those breweries that we always keep an eye out for; with a beer as good as Blonde Hunny, they have to be doing something right. Earthy, piney, delicious hoppiness combined with a killer malt backbone make Primal Instinct easy drankin.’ At 7.4%, we have half a mind to call it dangerously easy drankin.’ One small critique: somewhere toward the end of the beer the piney taste of the hops turned a tad soapy.


Maddy’s second beer stole her sobriety, as well as her heart. Okay….it only slightly stole her sobriety. 😉  My Dear Watson from 3 Brothers Brewing is one bad mama jama! This is the first time that Maddy’s actually tasted the toffee and caramel flavors in a Baltic Porter; usually they’re buried under the chocolate/coffee taste. Don’t get us wrong, the mocha flavor was there, it was just perfectly balanced with caramel. And it was LIFE CHANGING. So creamyand smoothand….need beer now……


We had a lovely afternoon at World of Beer and are sure to visit again soon. In fact, Rachel is considering moving back into her old apartment, just to be closer to that beer list. Hell, maybe she should make her commute even shorter and just move into World of Beer instead?

3 bros

On a serious note, for all you Harrisonburg readers, Three Brothers is hosting a Release Party tomorrow for their Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout, The Resolute. There’ll be bands, music, and 3 SPECIALTY VARIANTS of The Resolute. We’ve heard whispers of a toasted coconut batch….mmm. It doesn’t stop there though; all 10 of their taps will be new beers. It starts at 12, and we can’t think of a single reason NOT to go.

 SPECIAL PSA FROM MADDY: Anyone who snags me a bottle of the Toasted Coconut Resolute will not only receive some ballin beer in return, but I will also be personally indebted to you for ages. Hold it above my head, make me do ridiculous favors, hell, I’ll even help you on your next move. I’m serious peeps. I WANTS THAT COCONUT.


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