“You Go Down Smooth”

We had a fabulous weekend! Lake Street Dive, one of our favorite bands, put on a two-night concert in Charlottesville, one of our favorite cities, and we went with our two favorite girls! What more could we ask for??


On Saturday night we did a Lake Street Dive-themed beer tasting. Unfortunately, we weren’t overly impressed by any of the beers that we tried, but that’s why themed tastings can be a bit of a gamble.



We started things off with Harpoon’s Pumpkin UFO. The members of Lake Street Dive met at the New England Conservatory in Boston, 15 minutes from Harpoon. We like to think that maybe after a long day of classes, playing music, and studying, they bonded at Harpoon over beers?? Harpoon’s Pumpkin is decent, but it’s certainly nothing to include in the Great Pumpkin Tasting of 2015. We all agreed that it could use more pumpkin flavor and more spice. Interestingly, some tasters noted a slight bourbon aroma.

Beer number two was the “Lager of the Lakes” by Bell’s. You know that we aren’t lager gals, but we needed a beer with “lake” in the title, and were pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s balanced, has a slightly sweet, grain flavor, and Caitlin detected a hint of citrus. If we had to drink a lager, we’d choose this. Plus, isn’t the bottle great? Dad, we know you’ll love the map.


The Lagunitas Censored, a rich copper ale, has a lot going on on the nose. We picked up on smells of sweet fruit, brown sugar, and a hint of liquor. The flavor profile is reminiscent of the Lagunitas Sucks, one of Rachel’s favorite beers, but the Censored is wayy less hoppy. In fact, it’s probably the least hoppy Lagunitas beer we’ve ever tried. Oh! I almost forgot. We chose this brew because the first song that really turned us on to LSD was their cover of “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates. Do yourself a favor and go listen to their version right. dang. now. Also, prepare to fall in love.



The fourth beer was one of the favorites of the tasting. We chose Green Flash’s Hop Head Red in honor of LSD lead singer, Rachael Price’s gorgeous red hair. The Hop Head’s earthy hops are so well balanced by its caramel, malt base, we were shocked to find out that it’s over 8% ABV.

“Label says, ‘Love at first sip,’ but I loved Rachael Price at first sight.” – Cait


Our fifth brew was also from the Boston area (well..it’s from Masachusetts at least). The Crunkle Sam by Clown Shoes is an American Barleywine, one of the strongest beer styles. Despite its booziness, we thought that the noticeable hop presence made this beer dangerously drinkable. As Allison wrote in her notes: “Boozy and hoppy in perfect harmony.”

We don’t have a great explanation for why we picked beer six. Mostly we just thought the can was cool. Although, if the members of LSD are reading this, we would love to have a fireside chat sometime.


21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat has notes of cherry, coffee, and spice on the nose. As a “Winter Spiced Ale” we expected it to have a fuller mouth feel, but it was disappointingly light bodied and didn’t pack the flavor punch we hoped for. It also had a strange, iron/blood aftertaste. I think Maddy said it best…“Good, but I’m disappointed because it’s brewed with blood.”

What followed the tasting was a truly magical, totally unforgettable evening of music, dancing, and more beer (obviously). Thank you, Lake Street Dive, for the best weekend we’ve hadever?

IMG_4126 IMG_4162 IMG_4204


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