The Great Pumpkin Tasting

This Monday, on an unseasonably warm, fall afternoon, we enjoyed a pumpkin beer tasting on our back porch!


Along with our parents and my friend Laura, we tried six seasonal brews and took extensive (and sometimes comical) notes. Here’s what we thought:


Hardywood Farmhouse Pumpkin

Lee: Consistently good all the way through; no bad aftertaste.
Pam: Would go great with fall food. Spices stand out more than the pumpkin flavor. DELICIOUS. I could drink a lot of this bev ūüėČ
Maddy: Lil’ funky from the farmhouse-esqueness. Light, crisp, ez drankin’
Laura: Great. [It took her a little while to get warmed up…]
Rach: Very Belgian. Slight booziness emerges as it warms.


Tröegs Master of Pumpkins

Lee: I liked the first one better.
Pam: Clove and nutmeg stand out
Maddy: Very spicy, immediately on your lips. Pumpkin pie spices.
Laura: Spicy. [Don’t worry, she’ll catch on..and when she does, it’s genius]
Rach: Tea quality to it. Tastes like a chai tea latte. Don’t like this one as much.


Saucony Creek Maple Mistress Ale
[okay, so this one isn’t pumpkin, but it’s seasonal…]

Lee: Not a fan of the art work. Powerful maple aroma.
Pam: Maple flavor, but not sweet. Boozy?
Maddy: Smells like a salty sweet potato- YUM! Little bit of rum at the end…
Laura: Breakfast beer; we should have topped this with bacon. Thicker (like cream soda), cinnamon, brown sugar
Rach: Don’t like as much as I did on tap, but still really good. Maple has a strong presence, boozy aftertaste.

“I wish ships were still wooden, ya know?”
-Maddy, very contemplatively, while drinking the Maple Mistress


Southern Tier Pumking (2013)

NOTE:¬†This was our first experiment in aging a beer and we were quite pleased with the results. We kept it in the refrigerator in our parents basement for a little over a year. I read on a forum yesterday that you should store aging brews upright, and¬†I’m happy to report that we did…luckily…despite being completely unaware of this recommendation.

Lee: Picking up on apple flavor/smell.
Pam: Not like cough syrup anymore, more pumpkin taste. Smells like a Yankee Candle.
Maddy: Smells pumpkiny and less syrupy- like the vegetal [original spelling preserved] pumpkin. Favorite so far, very flavorful.
Laura: Bud Light mixed with Scentsy wax. Crumpled autumn leaves with sap. [See what I mean?]
Rach: Has really mellowed; not nearly as boozy as last year. Less¬†spicy than the¬†others we’ve had so far.


Southern Tier Pumking (2014)

Lee: Maple at the end. Maybe a little bit bitter?
Pam: Tastes a lot like the 2013. Maybe they figured out how to make it taste good without needing to age it for a year.
Maddy: Flavor is the same as 2013, but much longer lasting. Spice on the nose.
Laura: Looks like Shock Top! Stronger! Pumpkin rokks [this last part is underlined several times]
Rach: Like this even more than the 2013; richer and more crisp. Delicious with the aged gouda.


Southern Tier Warlock

Lee: I still don’t like stouts.
Pam: I’m finally starting to like stouts!
Maddy: Favorite pumpkin beer ever!!! Goes great with spicy squash on pizza. Subtle coffee and pumpkin flavors.
Laura: I love it. Roasted pumpkin, chocolate, molasses. Smoother than a lot of stouts, velvety.
Rach: [Was apparently too busy stuffing her face with¬†pizza to take notes…]


7 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin Tasting

  1. I loved all of the comments and pictures! Your parents are still my favorite. Wanna give me that squash pizza recipe?! Great post BBs! Miss you!

    • Miss youu!! Only two more weeks til Lake Street Dive ūüôā ūüôā
      The link to the recipe is at the very end of the post. You must make it! So fall-y and delicious. Giada knows what’s up.

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