Holy ‘Mole


As you loyal readers know, we prepared a beer dinner for our mom’s birthday last month, featuring Wholly Guacamole’s spicy variety. When we expressed our interest in doing an entirely guacamole-themed tasting, Wholly Guacamole sent us some of their flavors to sample!


Wholly Guacamole mailed us five delicious varieties: Classic, Spicy Homestyle, Hatch Chile, Spicy, and Three Chile. We decided to serve each dip with the same basic blue corn chips so no other flavors would compete with the guac and the beer. We chose a craft beer that we thought would pair well with each dip, and also served Dos Equis Ambar with each “course.” Dos Equis is our favorite Mexican lager, and we decided to serve it in addition to the craft option because it’s widely available. You might not be able to find all of the beers that we chose, but you can definitely track down Dos Equis!


We started things off with WG Classic and Old Scratch by Flying Dog. The Classic is very similar to homemade guac: creamy, fresh, and loaded with avo chunks. It’s classically tasty, indeed. Now, as you readers may know, we BBs are often confused by amber beers. What flavor is supposed to predominate? What, besides the color, makes an amber an amber ? What is happening in this thing? NOW we get it. The Old Scratch has a malty sweetness that worked oh-so-perfectly with the saltiness of the chips. This surprisingly good pairing was just what we need to get our tasting off on the right foot!



Next we tried the Spicy Homestyle with the Queen of the Night Pale Ale. The Spicy Homestyle was a crowd favorite. It’s creamier than the classic, almost like guac blended with salsa or pico, and has a hint of cilantro. We’ve tried several beers by Los Muertos and have always been a little disappointed, but their pale ale ain’t half bad. The bitter aftertaste paired delightfully with the slight spice of the guacamole. All in all, another great combo.


Up third: Hatch Chile, one of WG’s new flavors. Let us be the first to tell you that this puppy is spicy. Hatch seems to be a very distinct and potent chile, and it was actually a bit too strong for our palates. However, this was the best pairing of the night. Who knew that wheat beers are so perfect with spicy guacamole?

We served the Hatch with Flying Dog’s In-Heat Wheat and the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier. The yeastiness of the both beers cut the spice perfectly, but the Hefeweissbier was the overall winner. It’s so rich and full bodied for such a light style. Those German brewers sure do know what they’re doing. Maybe it’s because they’ve been practicing for roughly a thousand years? 😉



With the spicy variety, which we’ve had many times, we went with a classic pairing: Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA. As you’ll remember from our mom’s birthday beer dinner, IPAs go particularly well with spicy. In fact, the general pairing recommendation Bear Republic makes for the Racer 5 is “spicy foods.” WG Spicy is such a solid guac; it has just enough heat so that it doesn’t leave your mouth burning, but is a bit more flavorful than the Classic. The Racer 5 is similarly balanced. It’s medium-bodied, not too hoppy, not too malty, and has just the right amount of citrus. Much like the WG Spicy, it seems designed to please a variety of palates.


We unknowingly saved the best for last by serving WG’s other new flavor, Three Chile, as our final course. Despite the name, this dip isn’t spicy, but it is packed with flavor. Poblano, roasted hatch, and jalepeño peppers combine with avacodo to create a rich, creamy guac that’s mellowed by the addition of tomatillo. Since this dip is a bit milder, we decided to pair it with a spicy beer: Stone’s Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers! It was neat that this course was the exact opposite of the third; the slight spiciness that the beer left on your palate was quenched by the cool, creamy guacamole.


Although we enjoyed every guac, our favorites were the Spicy Homestyle and the Three Chile. We loved the pairing of hatch and wheat beer, but the new Hatch Chile flavor was a bit too spicy for us, so next time we’d probably put the wheats with Spicy Homestyle, or our old standby, Spicy. Finally, did you think we forgot about the Dos Equis?? It paired decently with each dip, but we think it best suits Classic and Spicy Homestyle.

Which combo would you like to try?
Do you have a pairing suggestion for next time?
Leave a comment below and let us know!
One lucky commenter will receive their very own cooler of guac, courtesy of Wholly Guacamole. Thanks, WG!






31 thoughts on “Holy ‘Mole

  1. Wholly COW! This is an amazing post, thanks Wholly Guacamole & Barley Babes for your pairing suggestions!

    I am excited to try WG’s new flavors, and would LOVE to dip into a cooler full 😉 Pun Intended.

    I think the most appealing to me is the Three Chili + Stone’s Smoked Porter. I am not much for spicy guacamole, but this seems perfect as I sure do LOVE flavor! And guacamole! And beer!

    — Haley Schlottmann

  2. This is the best post yet. I love the detailed information coupled with the clear zest for beer, food, and companionship. Well done, I say.

  3. Oh my gosh. All these pairings sound so good! I want to try each and every one of them. I am probably most intrigued by the Three Chile and Stone’s Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers just because it sounds so flavorful and unique! It also doesn’t hurt that it comes highly recommended from the BBs!! I bet I would like all the spicy varieties of guac as well. Yum!

  4. The classic and old hatch sound delish! I love sweet and salty so the beer with the guac and chips would be SO perfect! But now I want to try all the flavors!
    Thanks Barley Babes!

  5. I think that if I were to break out of my comfort zone, the Three Chile paired with the Stone’s Smoked porter would be right up my alley! The guac sounds amazing and I’m sure the two together would just be delicious. Glad to know that this one was one of your favorites too! I’m so intrigued by all of the flavors and can’t wait to try them! Thanks for the excellent post Barley Babes, you’re the best!

  6. What a fun post! Each pairing sounds delicious, and I can’t wait to try these Wholly Guacamole varieties for myself. I am most intrigued by the Hatch Chile + Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier. I love spice, and have always found that a sweet wheat beer helps to cool down the palate, but the flavors can stand up to heavy heat.

    I don’t always eat Mexican food, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Great choice.

    I like my guac extra lime-y, so I would suggest some citrus, green pepper, or fresh hop notes to complement the sour brightness of the lime, such as Epic’s Sour Apple Saison. I’d imagine the Racer 5 picked up those flavors quite nicely.

    You’ve inspired me to get some WG and cervezas and do a pairing of my own tonight. Well done, Barley Babes! Love from Utah. 🙂

    • The wheat was soooo amazing: from VC, of course. Leave it to Amanda to suggest an amazing paring! We’ll definitely be incorporating lime for another guac extravaganza!! ❤ to you and Matt

  7. Man, it doesn’t take much to sell me on guac but I must say you girls went above and beyond. I loved seeing which beers you paired with each guacamole choice.

    I must say the Three Chile and Spicy Homestyle flavors sound just about perfect. The beer pairings for both sounded really interesting. When I saw you had a Stone paired with the Three Chile though, my ears really perked up. That’ll definitely be a combination I try ASAP.

    As always, your post made me feel like I was eating and drinking right along with you both aka my favorite pastime. Great job babes.

  8. Loved reading your posts. This one made me want to try all the pairings even though I probably wouldn’t like the spicy ones. However you make them all sound wonderful!

  9. Ladies I must say I am so impressed with your blog! I LOVE IT! You have converted me, this grandma is totally going to start drinking beer again! LOVE YALL!

    I also love guac…especially free guac 😉

  10. Uncle P shared your blog with me – I love it! I also love guacamole, so all the tastings sounded great with possibly the exception of the spicy ones. I’m not a big fan of spicy, but they even sounded tempting. I think if I had to chose I would try the 3 Chile, since you said it’s not spicy, but it sounds delicious.

    • Thanks for commenting, Amy!! Yes, if you’re not into spicy I would go Three Chile or Classic. Wholly Guac also has a Homestyle variety that isn’t spicy, so I’d recommend that one too!

  11. Being a part of this tasting was so fun thanks for having me BB’s! I would have to say that my favorite pairing was the spicy home style and the pale ale! The spicy guac was so tasty with the pico mixed in! Definitely one of my favorite tastings to have been a part of! Love you babes! Xoxo

  12. The three chile and smoked porter seems like an excellent choice. Would love to try that combo. Well done with the pairings

  13. You beautiful Barley Babes have completely outdone yourselves. I wish I could have been there to taste them all with you, but if I had to choose I’d go with the Classic or 3 Chile guac paired with ciders with Pam. Maybe we can have a fiesta soon with more guac tastings??
    Looking forward to the next post, ladies!

  14. If you add banana peppers to the classic guac, you get that sweetness with the extra crunch that goes well with any of the Flying Dog IPA especially Raging Bitch.

    Also, put any of those on a burger and you get the best burger of your life.

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