Top of the Hops

The place: Charlottesville, VA
The festival: Top of the Hops
The posse: The four best gals (Maddy, Rach, Allison, and Ham (Pam))
The occasion: Continuing Ham’s birthday celebration!

On Saturday afternoon we departed the beautiful Inn at Court Square and headed to the Top of the Hops Beer Fest in downtown Charlottesville. Festival-goers were lined up halfway down the mall, but thanks to our very important friend Keno, we skipped the line and were some of the first people in the pavilion!

We’ll be honest, peeps, from the cider garden, to the VIP tent, to the unlimited tastings, to the glass of wine we had with lunch (it was complimentary, no judgement) things got sloppy pretty quickly. Sometimes we talk your ear off about every little detail of the beers we try, but today we’re just going to share our pictures and what we remember of the festival…

photo-163 pm: Starting things off with a classy group selfie

0920141612Al and Ham!

IMG_3148 Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter, we have anxiously awaited your arrival

blond huh
Blonde Hunny Cheers say what??

photo-16 copy
4 pm: Mom wins the C’ville celeb sighting game..figures

0920141637 Drinking and winking is hard

IMG_3166 5 pm: Time for a cider break!

IMG_3177 Maddy’s new favorite beer, the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (enjoyed in the VIP area, no less).

VIP What, these don’t look like VIPs to you??

IMG_3176 Hardywood Bourbon DIPA…yeah, it’s as good as it sounds

0920141820 Enjoying the afternoon sun and the Will Overman Band

IMG_3195 6:30 pm: Not sure what we were drinking at this point…

IMG_3191 Beautiful Charlottesville

IMG_3201 10 pm: Pooped.


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