Boulevard Hibiscus Gose: My New Breakfast Beer

Hello, and a happy Monday to ya, beer peeps! I was just enjoying Boulevard’s Hibiscus Gose when I thought, “Damn, this is great. People need to know about this!” Some of you may be wondering, “What even is a gose?” A gose (pronounced go-zuh) is an unfiltered, German style wheat beer that uses a malted wheat and the addition of salt to create a crisp brew with a tangy, slightly sour aftertaste. And, guess what? It’s delicious.

I’ve been waiting for the Hibiscus Gose to come into Vintage Cellar for weeks, and when it finally arrived on Friday I snatched up a 6-pack and counted down the minutes until the end of my work day. It’s now Monday and I’m polishing off my last bottle. Needless to say, I LOVE THIS BEER.

hib and bot
Reasons why I love it:
1) It’s way too easy to drink at 4.2% ABV (hello, breakfast)
2) The slightly floral aftertaste balances the sour perfectly
3) It’s light and refreshing, perfect for these fleeting summer nights
4) The coral-pink color makes me feel fancy and happy

One note: this beer does have a slight smell of vinegar
…and I probably won’t drink it for breakfast…probably.



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