Beer Gifts, Part Dos

Turning 25 isn’t so bad when you have friends and family who give beer gifts! I celebrated my 25th birthday last week and was happy to receive a variety of new beer paraphernalia.

My friend Matt sent me a set of three beer journals, cleverly named “99 Bottles of Beer.” Each journal has space to record extensive notes (everything from brewer and aroma to “Consumption Vessel”) for 33 beers. To fill out the “Flavor Wheel” you mark a dot to indicate the presence or absence of 16 flavors (hoppy, malty, sour, etc.) and then connect the dots to create a unique shape for each entry. Maddy and I started the first journal this weekend and had a blast filling it out. It was a tad embarrassing to write “paper cup” for consumption vessel, but give us a break, we were at a Hampton Inn!

My aunt Sharyn gave me the The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer poster, made by Pop Chart Lab. I actually saw (and wanted!) this poster at Top Hops when we were in New York last winter, so you can imagine how happy I was to receive it. It features 89 varieties of beers and gives glassware recommendations for each. The coolest part is that it also lists several examples of each style. For example, two of the branches off of “India Pale Ale” are “Harpoon IPA” and “Bear Republic Racer 5,” two beers we’ve talked about on the blog! I can’t wait to put this baby up in my next apartment, but I think this means I’ll have to start serving beers in the appropriate vessel…

P-BeerDeluxe_Main_500x669_C_1024x1024Image by Pop Chart Lab

Yesterday I received another beer gift from my best friend, Nikki. The Chillsner (another clever title!) is the only in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller on the market. You simply freeze it for 45 minutes, place it inside your beer bottle, and enjoy continuously chilled beer! We tried out the Chillser last night and were pleased with the results. As promised, it kept my dad’s Corona ice-cold as he stood next to the grill in the July heat. The Chillsner will be perfect for tailgating, barbeques, the beach…really any outdoor activity that involves beer (and there are quite a few 😉 ).


Last but not least, my fellow BB built me a 6-pack at the Vintage Cellar. Since she knows my beer tastes oh-so-well, it included 6 delicious, delectable, and DANGEROUS double IPAs (they’re all around 9-10%). So far my favorite was the Founders Double Trouble, but I also really enjoyed 21st Amendment’s Hop Crisis.

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful beer gifts. Truly, it made a quarter of a century far less painful (probably because I’ve constantly been tipsy). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pop a Chillsner into the 5th beer in my 6-pack and enjoy it on the back porch while writing in my beer journal. Or maybe I’ll stare fondly at my poster for a while first…?



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