Clinton Hall Tap Takeover

On our second day in the Big Apple we went to a tap takeover at Clinton Hall, a beer bar in the financial district. For those of you who’ve never been to a tap takeover, this just means that all of the beers on tap are from a single brewery, in this case Long Island’s Great South Bay.


This was a particularly cool takeover because none of the beers had been released in NYC before! A new beer was tapped every half hour, maintaining the excitement throughout the evening, and staff members and brewers from Great South Bay attended to answer questions and mingle with guests.

Maddy’s first beer was one of her favorites of the evening, and is GSB’s most popular: the Blood Orange Pale Ale. Rach wasn’t crazy about the rye IPA she started with (a little too heavy on the rye), but after trying GSB’s imperial IPA, the Hoppocratic Oath, her initial disappointment was appeased. Other standouts were the Dirty Deeds Russian Imperial Stout and the Hopsy Dazy Session IPA. The Dirty Deeds is rich and chocolatey with just a hint of booziness. We’re fortunate to have tried it; at the time of the event less than three kegs of this beer were available in NYC.


A couple hours into the evening it began to pour, but we were enjoying the atmosphere of the event (and obvi the beer) so much that we decided to stay. We put on our rain jackets, huddled together under the semi-leaky umbrellas on the Clinton Hall patio, and ordered food! Maddy, Ed, and Allison chose classic beer food, bratwurst, and Rachel devoured a veggie burger and fries.


Thanks to our wonderful hosts, Ed and Allison, for a second successful day of beer drinking in NYC. A side note to those of you who live in big cities: Maddy found out about this by going to BeerAdvocate and clicking on the “Events” tab. You can easily filter by state and event type and then browse a list of all the upcoming brew happenings near you!



4 thoughts on “Clinton Hall Tap Takeover

  1. More excellent work from an amazing family, if I do say so myself. Wish I could have that first beer you mentioned but I guess I’ll have to settle for another Victoria Clasica here at Big Wave Dave’s, the self-proclaimed “best half-ass bar in Nicaragua.”
    Uncle Brant

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