508 Gastrobrewery

Greetings from New York! We Barley Babes are sitting in a cafe right now being oh so trendy AND writing a post for you, our loyal followers. We know what you’re thinking, do they ever stop working?? The answer is no.


Yesterday we stumbled upon a hidden gem in the South Village, 508 Gastrobrewery. They lured us in with the promise of a bacon cheeseburger smoked amber ale, and after seeing all the other tasty options on tap, we immediately decided to order two flights.


Our flights came with 6 brews served in adorable mini goblets.


First we tried the Blackberry Burlesque, a session berliner weisse. Coming in at 2.9%, it’s perfect for a juice baba. Just kidding, we do not advocate giving beer to babies. We couldn’t taste much blackberry, but that could be due to the EXTREME sourness in the forefront of this brew. It’s a beautiful color though! We thought it looked just like grapefruit juice.


508 threw us a curve ball with their Gran Marvin, a Belgian Witbier. It smells and looks like your standard wit: coriander and orange on the nose and hazy in color. But when you taste it, you would NEVER guess it’s a wit. With medium to high carbonation and a slightly sour initial taste, the Gran Marvin is definitely a new take on this style.


Next we tried their golden strong ale, the Golden Gordon (our bartender’s personal fav). At first Maddy thought this was going to be too boozy for her tastes, but we both ended up really enjoying it’s mellow sweetness and smooth mouthfeel. It would be the perfect after dinner drink, or pair nicely with a salty snack (y’all know we’re talking about french fries).

The IPA is a solid selection loaded with earthy hops. We both agreed that we would order a pint of it, but we waited a bit too long to drink it so it was slightly warm.


At last we have come to the Bacon Cheesebrüger, 508’s smoked amber ale, served with a slice of bacon no less! Some of the malt used is smoked over bacon cheeseburgers, and they add three different toasted buns to the mash to give this brew the true essence of a cheeseburger. We’re sometimes annoyed by the catch-all label “amber ale,” but this amber is really enjoyable. Light bodied with a notable (but not overpowering) smokey flavor, it’ll make you feel like you’re drinking a beer next to a campfire!


508 was a 10 out of 10 for us. Not only is the beer good, but they also have an extremely friendly staff and cozy interior (yay for exposed brick). To any of you who find yourselves in New York City, we highly recommend that you stop by 508! Stay tuned for more New York adventures. XoxoBBs


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  1. Wow barley babes! What good bloggers you are! Glad you are having fun in NYC! Susan aka poppy

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