In Defense of Cans


Alright, it’s official..I’m cool with cans. You may have noticed that more and more craft beer is cropping up in cans these days. Some major brewers like Oskar Blues choose to packaged their beer solely in cans because they offer better light protection, are 100% recyclable, and are way better for transporting beer to fun activities like camping and tubing. I’ve known all this and have still been hesitant to get on board with cans. They reminded me too much of choking down Natty Light at high school parties, and the cans of Beer 30 that lived in my college fridge for months because they were truly too awful to drink. However, on Thursday night as I drank a can of the delicious Westbrook IPA, it dawned on me: there’s absolutely no difference in taste or price, and cans are just as visually appealing as bottles. It’s time to let old prejudices die. So what do you think? Are you a can convert? Or have you always been okay with aluminum? Do tell.



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