The World’s Best Wheat Beer

The thing I love most about writing this blog is how much it’s expanded my beer palate. If you offered me a wheat beer a year ago, I would have accepted it (I obviously never turn down a beer), but I wouldn’t have taken the time to savor and analyze it. Now that I appreciate what each style of beer has to offer, I’m more willing to try beers that aren’t necessarily my favorite style, and this leads me to discover delicious, world-class, brews like the Weihenststephaner Vitus!


While cooking dinner last night, my mom and I split a bottle of the Vitus that Maddy picked up from the Vintage Cellar. The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, located in Bavaria, Germany, claims to be the oldest brewery in the world. It was founded in 1040 on the grounds of the Weihenstephan Monastery, and is still serving up high-quality, world-renowned beers today. The Vitus has been named “World’s Best Wheat Beer” and “World’s Best Beer” at the annual World Beer Awards. I confess that I actually only discovered this information while preparing to write this post, so I took my first sip with virtually no expectations, and was blown away.


The Vitus is hazy and yellow-orange with a thick, creamy head. It smells of citrus, particularly lemon, and has a crisp carbonation. The taste and mouthfeel are much like that of a hefeweizen, but with a fuller body. This beer paired perfectly with the quiche and salad we made for dinner, but it could easily stand up to more flavorful foods; Weihenstephan recommends red meat and strong cheese! The Vitus tastes like summer, ladies and gents. Pick one up today and embrace the start of my favorite season. Only a couple more weeks to go!



2 thoughts on “The World’s Best Wheat Beer

  1. Will be looking up places in NYC to grab this brew! It sounds amazing(maddy you know what I am referring to…) Miss the barely babes SO MUCH can’t wait until you visit me in the big apple!! Love you!! – allycat xoxoxo

    • We miss you too! After all of our adventures last week I am in Allison withdrawal. Can’t wait to come visit!! And yes, you should definitely make a trip to Top Hops and grab this beer!

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