Session IPAs, the Solution to Your Summer

Hello my sweet beer lovers! I realized that we haven’t posted in a while, and it just ain’t right to do that to you guys when there are so many yummy summer beers just waiting to be tasted! On that note, I think we should discuss my new beer obsession: Session IPAs. When done correctly, a session can quench your thirst just like your beloved IPAs, but with less chance of a hangover. Why, you ask? LOWER ABV, meaning we can drink more of them! And who doesn’t love drinking MORE beer? My love for sessions started with the Factory Girl from Parkway Brewing. It tastes like a light Get Bent; it packs a huge grapefruit punch and is loaded with hops, but remains light and refreshing. The Factory Girl is officially my favorite beer to sip on while at the brewery (at least for the summer heh heh).


Blue Point Brewing has a Mosaic Session IPA that I just discovered, and even in a bottle this brew is good enough to name my first child after. Extreme? Maybe. Accurate? 100%. One of the main reasons I love this beer is the use of Mosaic hops, which give a little tropical fruit taste to balance the bitter. Despite being a session, it’s still hopped up enough to please even the hoppiest of hop heads, but light enough for those just getting into IPAs! It’s a MUST TRY ladies and gents.

All this session talk has made me thirsty. What about you guys?


P.S. Any summer beer suggestions for the babes? You know us, always working…


2 thoughts on “Session IPAs, the Solution to Your Summer

  1. HAHAHA. So funny! Is it weird that his stinging review actually makes me want to try it?? I mean it couldn’t be worse than Beer 30, and we knocked back quite a few of those back in the day..

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