Blue Ridge Blue and Brew

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to score a free ticket(Thanks Parkway!) to a beer festival out at Mountain Lake. While it was mostly pouring rain the entire time (hey, short beer lines), I still had so much fun! There were 8 local breweries in attendance, which gave me the chance to try a few things I wasn’t that familiar with and some old favorites,too. My picks of the day were:

The honey wheat ale from Jefferson Brewery, my second pour of the day and a very tasty treat (they even brought orange wedges).


A new saison from Alewerks, which in my opinion was more like a blonde ale than a saison, but it was still extremely refreshing. Call it whatever you want Alewerks, you know I’m still gonna drink it!


And lastly, Hoptimization from Three Brothers. Now, I’ve had this hoppy brew in the bottle before and was unimpressed, but on tap, the Hoptimization is gorgeous. The hops are there beer babes, and they are earthy and hella delicious! If you find this beer on tap..TRY IT.


Are you thirsty yet?



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